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10 Check Points on How to Have a Healthy Relationships


Check points on how to have a  healthy relationships:

1. Speak from your heart and truth will set you free. Liberation from your illusions and fear propels you to become authentic to yourself.

2. Be yourself, don’t let fear of what others will think about you interfere between your authentic self and others.

3. Know what core emotions and values do you want to feel when you are in a relationship? Like commitment, trust and unconditional love.

4. Don’t attach yourself to any result or outcome. Be free and conscious of your awareness. The other party maybe in fear and they want to feel safe with you. Opening your heart to someone can be really scary, so start by saying “These are my feelings and I want you to know that I feel safe with you. I want to share and open my heart to you because I trust you.”

5. Remember that your partner is a mirror of yourself. If you like what you see in your mirror, you are in the right space to be. Forgive your past and others that have hurt you consciously and unconsciously.

6. Be conscious of all your thoughts and ask yourself, where are your thoughts coming from? Is it from fear and separation or love? Unconscious negative thoughts are likely to show up and trigger us in our bonding. Know your trigger points or vulnerability. Be aware when they show up; negative patterns like rejection, abandonment issues or mistrust.

7. When we embraced our unconscious negative thoughts and shift them to positive we open a new pattern of thinking. Changing our ways on how to be intimate with others.

8. Expressing our heart’s desires and truly allowing love to be our foundation helps us to touch another person in a deeper level of intimacy. Take the time to reflect on what you want in a relationship and allow your partner to know and understand your feelings and values.

9. Treasure the lessons that you are receiving from the other party. Be honest with your truth and don’t let fear creeps in between your relationship.

10. Happiness is what matters, the need to be right is a blockage to gain wisdom. Be joyful in the present moment and create beautiful memories with your loved ones.

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