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10 Steps to Spiritual Freedom

In these times of our lives, we have a lot of attachments to things, people and places. We are naturally inclined to bond with these to make us feel loved or safe. This is a part of our survival human instinct. To be detach is not about not loving or caring for others but it is about being free of any bondage or entanglements with our external world. To be a master of freedom is to be free of attachments and there are a lot of questions in our mind when we want to explore this expansion of our perception.

Freedom is being attune to our free spirit or soul. As a human being we need to go beyond this third dimension and be outside of this physical reality. There is an expansive universe within us when we tune into the frequencies of this magnificent light that lies within our chemical structures. Matter is created from this matrix of energy, our souls are eternal. When we are searching for our answers, we get lost in the quantum soup of our illusions. The ego has its tricky way of not being satisfied or fulfilled with what answers we can find to satisfy our thirst of knowledge. We go on like nothing can fill us up. Freedom is being aware of this longing and reaching a point of knowing that everything is given and within our own universe. The answers were all encoded within us, but we were too busy  looking outside of ourselves. How did we end up like this hungry and thirsty human beings?

Have you thought of being free? How does it feel to be free? Freedom from expectations of others, burden that we put on ourselves, roles that are no longer serving our highest good, from perfections, from being a victim, from sabotaging our own destinies and from being vulnerable. We keep distances from others so we will not feel hurt unconsciously creating a wall of separation. Fear breeds attachments and when we let go of this, allowing some sense in our creations. We begin to wake up and allow ourselves to be free from these distractions of the ego.

How do we know that we are not free? When we are caught up with mundane jobs that we are not passionate about, when we settle for less, when we allow people to use us, sabotaging our own selves, when we have no voice in our relationships and when we are attached to others expectations and opinions about us. We have the power to be free, it takes awakening of our egoic mind to open and be free of attachments and illusions. We have this monkey mind that likes to think in the past and future, unconsciously wasting time and space in the present moment that we have right here right now. We need to open our hearts and allow self-love to bloom. Without this we are stuck from being small, we are bigger than what we think we are. We are expansive sentient beings of love and light.

10 Steps to spiritual  freedom:

1. Know your blockages. We have to understand what are our hindrances towards freedom. By naming them we can move forward.

2. Release fear and immerse yourself to love. Fear is constrictive and we are going to expand once we let go of fear.

3. Turn your blockages into empowerment. Name the fear and turn it around. ie. unable to trust- trusting our intuition and others

4. Meditate, find some sacred space for your stillness. Your mind is too busy and preoccupied to be free.

5. Clean the clutter in your house. A clean house is a clean mind.

6. Let go of things that you are not using. Allowing space in your environment.

7. Release guilt and pressure from your vocabulary. They are constrictive and heavy.

8. Others opinions of you are not important, focus on yourself.

9. Be aware of your inner critic. Let go of these negative thoughts.

10. Be free from things that are not serving you. Filter your thoughts, words, emotions and actions. Bring light to transcend the victim consciousness.

Freedom from ego is allowing unconditional love for your self and others. Be free from negativity. Surround yourself with positive vibrations and people that will nurture your soul’s growth. Allow this new template of freedom in your existence. The truth will set you free. Be truthful with your self. Be free!

Blessings of miracles,


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