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2017 Numerology Report


In the upcoming year 0f 2017 I have drawn 10 Numerology cards to give us the vibrational report of our energy. We are all energy beings and when you had tapped into this report we are collectively synchronized in this motion.

  1. SURRENDER which is about surrendering to the flow of the universe. Anything that is not working for you has to let go and do not resist. Just completely be in the now and feel what is in your heart. Surrender to the unknown. We are so busy inside our head that we forget to just be. This card signifies to us the current moment, what we are asking to realized and what is happening to us right now.
  2. PARENTING the second card that signifies the challenge- if you are parenting, you need to acknowledge that you are doing a greater job and to let go of guilt. It can also signify that you have a great ability to help others or nurture others needs. Parenting is nourishing and we have to recharge our own selves and to know that we can set up boundaries to also help ourselves in our goals.
  3. COMPLETION the third card, the past,  this year is about the vibration of completion which is the year of 9. Whatever we are going through, we have completed this cycle and now into the next year of vibration of a new beginning. What have you learned from this year? What have you completed?
  4. COMPASSION  the fourth card is about the future, we are being asked to have compassion as our guide in our daily lives and how we handle things with others. and ourselves. When we do things with compassion, we are in alignment with the universal laws of love.
  5. SPIRITUAL PARTNERSHIP the fifth card is the best outcome of our action to take. This card is telling us to gather with others that are like-minded people. Having friends that are like us, supportive and open will bring fruitful friendship. Get into some business in a more spiritual based entrepreneurship. This will lift the vibrations of humanity and those that are around you.
  6. CHANGE the sixth card is about the drive that will take you to your highest good. Change is about to shift your life and take the path of least resistance. When we flow with what is given to us, we are like flowing in the river of consciousness. Know that this change will be for your highest good.
  7. MANIFESTATION is the seventh card and this is the advice that we need to listen to. Manifestation brings us creation and the universe are asking us to co-create with the universal energy. Let go of expectation when you are creating. Surrender to your projects and know that you are co-creating with the universe. The expansion is on your way.
  8. TEACHING and LEARNING are the eighth cards and this is about external influences that affect you. This card is telling us that we have the ability to teach and learn from our studies and students. When we are learning we become more attuned to the messages that we are receiving.
  9. SYNCHRONICITY the ninth card is about hope or fear. In this card, we feel that we are being given hope and know that everything that we do has a rippling effect on others and ourselves. It creates and magnetises events that will help us in the bigger picture of our dreams.
  10. LEADERSHIP this is the tenth card and is the outcome of our year. Leadership means to take courage for ourselves and others. To lead and guide through compassion and know that we have this is in us. We need to believe in order to manifest. Leading will bring us love for our passion and service to humanity.
  11. DISCIPLINE this 11th card dropped and wanted to have a voice and remind us to have discipline this upcoming year. Discipline is the driving force for our creation. Take the time to schedule in our projects. Have a one-page plan for your business and intention. Do not be hard on yourself but be willing to act on things that matter to you by bringing in discipline as a part of your healthy habits towards success.

Our 2017 to sum it all up is amazing news! Surrender to the flow of the universal energy. Create your dreams and know that the universe is synchronising events that will manifest your creations and intentions. Teach and learn with like-minded people that support positive vibrations. Lead others in your spiritual pursuits with compassion and service for humanity. Remember to act and discipline yourself for better results toward your big success. Happy New Year to everyone and blessings of miracles to all!

  1. Karin 2 years ago

    Just another sync act by you, Teza! Working on how things are synced, and your message comes thru. We are All One in our his magnificent Universe. Blessings, my friend!

  2. Author
    Teza Zialcita 2 years ago

    Thank you Karin for all your messages! We are all one!

    Blessings of miracles,

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