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LOVE not FEAR! living beyond superficialities!


Today I’m reflecting on living beyond SUPERFICIALITIES! it is a teaching of The Tao that I practice every day with Wayne Dyer’s “Change your thoughts change your life” book and interpretation. The most intriguing lesson that I’m learning from life lately is about accepting the negativity of my friends, family members, co workers and loved ones. I opened my eyes that these negativities are actually part of my self that I had repressed because of the conditioning that I was brought up with, when I was growing up. I had this conditioning that I had to be “a good girl” and that my voice is not valid because I’m the 10th of 10 children. It dawned on me that all my life I was trying to be this “little perfect good girl” that my family would like me to be.

When you are coming from the inside looking out,  then you will realized that what you were seeing all along, was all that was inside of you because it is a mirror of yourself, all that is in your field. Then you can see that yourself actually have  a lot of negativity towards your own self. That you were hard on yourself and others were mirroring what your your feelings are inside of you. It is a sign that you are one with your own self, when that space of oneness is what you feel deep inside your heart. When you totally surrender to all that is in your field and completely accept others for who they are and where they are in their lives. We are all here to learn our lessons and you will definitely know yours when you look inside yourself and ask “what do I see in others? is what I see in me!”

Just as I accept my light and shadows I allow the truth and freedom of my self. That I don’t need to be ashame of my dark sides, that when I’m angry and violated, it’s okay to be mad and voice out. My intimate relationships pointed this out to me, that I had this fear of not being accepted and loved. I’m letting go of this fear because I know that I am loved. And whatever I do or say is okay and that no one is going to judge me and all the judgements of others doesn’t really matter because I am not allowing any interpretations of others to hurt me because I accept and love my self.

Becoming a detached observer of the drama truly helps me in my evolution, not attaching to what is happening and looking at the commotion with a detached observation and knowing that the outcome of the situation is relative. Based in a scientific observation that the result of an experiment  depends on the one who is observing the experiment, connecting that scientific evaluation to our daily lives or drama. You can see that the result of the observation would depend on the eyes of the one looking or perceiving. If I look at the problem with an open heart or mind then the result will definitely change or the answer to the experience is totally relevant to the perception. How you perceive things are, changes the way things manifest. This is the secret of manifestation, when someone change how they feel inside the Universe gives them the things that vibrate in the same frequency of how they are feeling inside. Its just is so when you feel love then there is no fear, two things can not occupy the same space. The power of our choice, freedom and empowerment goes hand in hand.

The balance is what I need and what I intend to create. When I feel fearful, I think of the opposite of what I feel to bring back to the alignment of who I am. I am about truth and love not about fear and the illusion that it produces. When I catch myself thinking of negative and judgemental thoughts then I know I’m not in alignment of who I am. “I want to feel safe and protected right now” this is all I have and living in the present moment is what it is right now. The feeling of safety and protection is connecting me to the truth of my existence. The conscious decision that I make will create the rippling effect of love.

I look at life within and see beyond the form. Allowing and loving who I have in my life right now, accepting their dark sides and mine. Learning and teaching what I had to share. Sharing my life with others, giving my time, love and truth. I’m living in a good space of allowing, not judging others, accepting for who they are, just simply living life as it is. This is my intention to be a part of this ONENESS, meaning we are all one in this reality that we create. And my dream is about living the truth, unconditional love, peace in the world, joy to every ones heart, forgiveness to our enemies and to realized that they too are the same human being, that my service to the elders will bring surrender to their end times, that DEATH will be face with love and not of fear.

My knowing will bring this into my external reality and I hope that you too who are tapping into my work of love will also find this connection to your higher selves. Live your lifetime every moment as if it is your birthday, not your last because we don’t end we are eternal souls. Every new day is a gift for you to connect to your souls purpose. Create love, live with passion, expand your horizon, be what you want to be, no one is stopping you to be the brightest star ever in this expansive Universe that we live in, you are definitely a gift from the Universe. See yourself as a star that shines bright and continue the journey of love and light without fear of knowing “a star is born!”


  1. Lucien Sherk 9 years ago

    Hey may I quote some of the insight from this post if I reference you with a link back to your site?

    • Author
      Teza Zialcita 9 years ago

      hello there! yes, you may use my post and thank you for enjoying the blog!

  2. heathygrl 9 years ago

    How beautiful and very helpful… thank-you Teza.

  3. Vernita Henion 9 years ago

    This is a little off topic, which I apologize for, but would you and your viewers mind giving your opinion about the recent oil spill, you’re opinion greatly helps and I can’t thank you enough for taking a few seconds to give it. I left the URL in the appropriate field, thanks!

    • Author
      Teza Zialcita 9 years ago

      I was just looking at your comment and you were asking about my opinion about the oil spill, for me personally it’s about our Earth waking us up and how she bleeds for us in our ways in coexisting with her natural state. If we continue to violate all these universal laws we will be paying for the damages. There are a lot of ways to be conscious and one way is to treat our co creators or sentient beings with respect and love. May you find peace in the midst of chaos and continue to be a love and light for the world to see and feel.

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