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7 Steps in Creating a Successful Soul Entrepreneurship


Soultrepreneurship Business Model

Intention: My intention in creating this business is to assist spiritually based entrepreneurs to become successful, gain self-esteem, teach the tools in social media and marketing, and to have clarity on what they love to do.

Core Values: 

  1. Full support and commitment.
  2. Integrity and honesty.
  3. Collaboration in the community.
  4. Respect each others differences.
  5. Trust in the universal flow.
  6. Increase flow of abundance.
  7.  Freedom to be our authentic self.
  8. Leadership and excellence in delivering our services.
  9. Self- esteem and confidence to shine our light.
  10. Love, joy and celebrating success!

My Heart Story:

What is a heart story? It is a story of your life that ignites and light up your heart. We go through our mundane life without knowing, what is it that I truly love to do? This is the essence of my business. As I evolve as an Akashic Records healer and teacher, I recognized the missing factor in people’s lives. It is passion to follow their heart. This is the path of a courageous soul. When you have passion to create your dreams come true. You will make it! I found my niche, to inspire, to watch others become successful and feel their passion!

I am inviting you to my new venture of soultrepreneurship, where like minded people meet, gather, inspiring and supporting each other’s journey in their heart centered creations.

What are the benefits in joining us?

  1. You will learn how to unleash your power to shine and believe in what you do.
  2. Release any shame, guilt and judgement with Social Media.
  3. Create your intention, story and deep core values why you love your business.
  4. Know the seven steps to be a successful soultrepreneur.
  5. Gain clarity, commitment and courage to do what you have to do.
  6. Guidance in clearing your blockages towards manifestation.
  7. Creating a business that is from the heart and soul’s purpose.
  8. Releasing any abundance issues.
  9. Know the four steps in manifestation.
  10. Create your facebook page and live video.

JOIN me at this fabulous and transformational event!

Date: Sept 9, 2017

Place: 1211 Cameron Street

New Westminster

Time: 10:00 am till 5:00 pm

Soul’s Investment:



10:00 Introduction

10:30 Seven Steps in Soultrepreneurship

11:00 What is your heart story?

11:30 Tea Break

11:45 Writing Intention, Core Values and Heart Story

12:30 Lunch Break

1:30 Face Book Live Video training

3:00 Tea Break

3:15 Creating Facebook Page

4:15 Sharing

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