You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Activation for the Ninth wave and unity consciousness


We are here to help you transcend your thoughts of limited beliefs, starting with your reactions to how things are. When you find yourself judging you are not open to what is and the probabilities that this soul can do. When you are connected to the universal mind you are able to tune into the frequencies of all that is. It is not that easy because you have to undergo circumstances of clearing your own self and mind consciousness. It is only this spark or opening from inside out from the egoic point of view that you can make some changes to your own predisposition. However, when you open to this understanding that the universe doesn’t only involve your own thoughts but it’s an accumulation of all collective consciousness then you will understand that when you tap into the vast wisdom or knowledge of this realm you are tapping to the great minds of all humanity. It is the only way to recognized¬† your own talent or gifts to be able to shift everything that you want to change. The shift will take place within your cellular tissues, fibers and memories to be able to stimulate all organs that needs to wake up with your awareness and awakening process. However, when you are around these masters of light, you will be able to activate your light body within this energetic fields. Open your mind to what is and be able to allow this flow of energy and new information to your being.

Times have accelerated and you are at the cusp of enabling this new technology of new energy within your cellular consciousness. There are masters who are now living around you and would continue to monitor your progress and when you reached  a great population of enlightened conscious beings, you will shift from all separation and illusions and will live self mastery. There are a lot of ways to help others transcend but the priority is awakening yourself first from all the conditioning that you had been going through. You will reach this ascension when you have put your priorities within your self and work in clearing all baggage that you are carrying within your energetic fields. The work takes place in the energetic fields and will bring in your light body that will support you in your ascension process.

Your body will go through many inter dimensional layers of clearing and engaging into the fields of light consciousness, to bring integration of your multi dimensional selves. Our aspects of being has to be connected to anchor to mother Earth Gaia and fulfill our soul’s purpose. When we are not wholesome we can not tap into our highest potential. We have to feel that we are perfect in all creation as we live in this third dimension, we are living the ascended mastery of our future ascended master selves. We are beyond this world and this dimension. There are multi universes just as there are multi selves aspects of our bodies in the instantaneous multi parallel universe.

When you see yourselves this way, you learn not to be stuck in this world or negative energy around you. You become an observer of this experience and you have the power to transcend any circumstances that are not in alignment to your essence. You are as a master of energy and use this in your daily interactions in every draining situations that you encounter. There are Ascended Masters around you and you have to invoke them into your energetic fields to help you in your transition. These are beings that had incarnated here and choose to guard and help in this transition or shift of our humanity’s consciousness. We are all masters of energy when we align with our highest selves.

The light beings that are now in contact with humanity are all coming from different vibrations of frequency of light, sound and color. These light beings have their own signature so to speak. The Pleiadians are more of loving and light frequency and with Arcturians is more of a zapped electric energy. They have their own vibrations as they help transcend our human species. When you are align with their frequency you are participating in the evolution of our human species as conscious light beings. The balance is in anchoring these higher frequencies of vibrations into your being and to our mother Earth Gaia. As we evolve to becoming conscious light beings, we ascend with our mother Earth Gaia in her transition towards this shift of the ninth level of wave in the Mayan prophesy.

This activation of our planet Earth in the path of aligning with the center of galaxy and thus creating a new Earth with human beings that can hold this light frequency vibrations. Our mother Earth is like our bodies, we are conscious, made of approximately 80 percent of water and our planet is similarly made of the same amount of water. Isn’t this a coincidence? as you all know there is no such thing as coincidence. These are synchronistic events, nature’s way of saying we are one with all that is, a fractal part of a holographic universe.

We are in this alignment to the cosmic and universal energy which is an awesome and exhilarating times of our human evolution. We will experience a lot of cataclysmic events that are part of our clearing stage. Preparing us into being light conscious beings. As we master our energy and become ascended masters of our future selves, we will experience ascension while we are in our bodies. Finding balance, connecting to our nature and animals, simplicity, compassion and service to help others transcend their consciousness, we will shift to our paradigm into wholesomeness and peace.


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