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Activations from Atlantis Archangels

The Atlantis Archangels awakened me this December 2019, in our new calling to anchor the angels attunements into mother earth and those souls that are resonating to these higher frequencies. Their message is so profound, “it is time.” We are here as light workers to help build the new crystalline grids on mother earth as it ascends into  higher vibrations. Our collective has to vibrate in resonance to these higher frequencies. We are receiving assistance from the Atlantis Archangels. This is an upgrade model of technology to fully embody the rainbow Light within us. To empower, shield and anchor the higher frequencies of the Atlantis Archangels Rays of Light into our consciousness and memories.

We are receiving activations to remember our past lives in Atlantis, our home. We are being summoned to gather once again in this incarnation to co-create what had been lost. We are back to collectively awaken our human DNA into a fully encoded species. This is the hybrid awakening of the new 2020. Restructuring our 12 multi-dimensional chakra system to allow the vortex fields to fly at a higher rate of speed. We are going through a huge quantum shift into knowing rather than questioning our existence.

The crystals are here to support you in your embodiment. Protecting your EMF, and how you can remain centered within your biological system, masterful in your assigned mission to help the ascension of humankind. You are chosen for this unique blueprint in the Akash. When you have done your work, your Akashic Records is taken into a secured volt of information that only the masters are allowed access. You have served humanity with your pure heart, soul’s integrity and surrender of your will to the divine power. It is time to return to home, the Source of all that is.

The prime archetypes of the Atlantis Archangels are here to activate the dormant codes within our system. In Atlantis time we are operating with 12 strand DNA as multi-dimensional state of our being. We have the gifts of the creation, hyper breed of energy, Light, sound and vibrations. We operate in full embodiment of the codes of creation. There was no separation between Universe, Source or God. We have the Higher Power anchored in our system. We are the prime creator of our experiences and energy fields. There were no limitations, we were limitless operating in highest potential of infinity.

We are experiencing intense clearing cosmic energies from the galaxy. The galactic portal is open for our DNA to receive the new templates for our evolution of consciousness. As we traverse with these multidimensional key codes that we are being uploaded, we need to understand in simple terms what is happening in our universe. To ground these multidimensional messages, let us open our hearts and expand our mind to feel the activations.

There is a lot of chaos in our society right now. Do not be alarmed. This is a part of the clearing process. Our old paradigm is shifting to create a space for the new timelines. Everything is energy. Things that are not working for our highest good is being dismantle. They dissipate and cannot withstand the high vibrations and frequencies of light and love. Fear and love cannot occupy the same space. In order for love to rise, fear has to dissipate.

Those who are awakened and conscious are being called to be focus at the positive vibrations within and around you. Do not give attention to the shadow because it is distractive. Know that they are here to let go of old vibrations that are stemmed from fear of survival. These emotions of anger, shame, guilt, worry, greed, insecurity, judgement, resentments, rejections are examples of how they manifest. These are the triggers to stay in lower vibrations. This does not help us to raise our vibrations. Be aware and observe how you feel and what are your thoughts are made of, positive or negative. It is just is, vibrations of lower or higher frequencies. There is nothing to fear. We are eternal souls. Our bodies are going through so many layers of transformation as we receive high frequencies of cosmic light.

In these changes, we are always supported by the benevolent beings of light. Our soul remembers our journeys into the unknown. We become aware of our multidimensional state. We traverse many lifetimes as we are anchored to mother earth Gaia. We are reminded of how powerful we are. The beings that are here to enlighten our mind, consciousness and memories are waiting for us to ask for assistance. These are the Ascended Masters that are here in our space because there is literally no space nor time. We created this separation from our eternal state of being.  We created our ego. The ego needed something to attach to, limited and afraid of the unseen or unknown, our state of amnesia.

As we release lower frequencies of fear, our awareness is the key to unlock our wisdom. Our crystalline field is activated, fully encoded with the new cosmic light. Our holographic matrix is integrated to the sacred geometrical grids of our Higher Self. Our bio-etheric field is aligned to the consciousness of physical and spiritual manifestation. We become connected, aligned, activated, empowered and aware of our creative mastery with the divine energy.

The cosmic light language that we are receiving is the activations of our Higher Self manifesting in this current incarnation that we have. We merge to the codes of higher consciousness. They help us reconstruct our 12 strands DNA to hold the planetary bodies within the higher dimensions.

The Emerald Ray of the heart of galaxy is a portal, activated and the floodgates are now open for us to receive upgrades of our cellular consciousness. Our Merkabah is our vehicle of light, to protect and support us in our ascension. Balancing our feminine and masculine divine energies, the galactic grids are here to create these new templates of our energy systems.

In our meditation we can invoke Archangel Metatron to open the stellar gateway and cosmic diamond portal in the celest to activate the Merkabah, our vehicle of Light and ascend into the multi-dimensions of the cosmos. Ask St. Germain and the Violet Flame to transmute all energy that is not of Light. Call upon Archangel Michael and the Blue Ray for protection. And invite the Golden Ray of Christ Light to penetrate our consciousness and to support us in our ascension process. Receive and feel the vibrations of these Masters. Listen for any messages with expansive mind and open heart. And so it is.

“May this divine light penetrate our cellular level of consciousness and memories. May our transitions be filled with forgiveness, compassion, kindness, and divine grace. Trust and have strong faith that all is well.”

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