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Addiction is the mask of denying our pain


Addiction is a form of mask to hide within the deep pain that we have. In my process of healing, I have to unfold the layers of this pain. As in my experience, my own family member had hurt me sexually, it is not easy to handle it because is is deeply rooted in shame and guilt.

Shame in revealing to others that your own family have this darkness, because a part of you hurts when your family hurts. In a more macro way of looking, anything that hurts others hurt us. We are in the same energy of our vibrating conscious universe. To stay hidden in shame is not a healthy way of living as our cells are conscious and have the capacity of recreating this lower vibrations of shame that will recreate the patterns of fear and pain. In order to truly heal this, we have to heal in our soul level. To create something new, we release these vibrations of shame and guilt and infused the higher frequencies of our emotions. We are healing our family members, when we heal our own karma. The bondage of this chain is released, cleared and deleted from our files in our Akashic Records. It is important that we are conscious in creating our new files to have a new template of love, light and forgiveness.

We can not move forward when all our aspects of being are not align and in the shadows. We have to start with a clean slate. Know and acknowledge our ancient bondage, those that hurt us most in our family. Feel them and how it affected your existence. Open your mind and heart in receiving the messages from your spiritual guides. When you are ready your teacher will appear. Be in your truth. Activate your authentic Self even if it hurts others. As you release these emotions, create a sacred space for your healing. Trust that you are always provided, guided and loved. The Source of all that is will allow healing in your soul level and you will be amazed by the miracles that comes to you.

Sacred Prayer:

Divine infinite creator, bless us our ancient lineage, bloodline and DNA with forgiveness and compassion for all the harm and pain that we had instilled in us and was passed on consciously and unconsciously. We ask that we will receive divine grace of unconditional love, inner peace and joy upon forgiving and and letting go of these karma and bondage. Thank you, thank you and thank you. Be it done with ease, effortless, love and grace. And so it is.

Be loved,



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