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Akashic Records and Changing the Past


When we are in the records, we access the past life in this incarnation and other timelines. It is very interesting that we have the tools to change the past. It is because in the Akashic Records there is no time and space, we are all interconnected in all parallel lives. Whatever is happening now is interactive with our past as well. If we are experiencing blockages in the current lifetime, then we have carried the energetic imprints of that past life.

When we open our records, and tap into the past that is blocking our highest potential we are given a glimpse of the past that is affecting our stagnant energy. By going deeply within, we are able to transmute the energies of the past and release these in our energy fields. What we are changing is the vibration of the past, our perceptions and beliefs embedded in that time, space and this healing will bring in the new pattern of awareness within our cellular level of memories and consciousness.

With the assistance of our Masters and guides we are able to elevate and transmute these energetic imprints. For example, in our past life we have been a monk and we carried the vow of poverty. In this timeline however, we are not monks anymore and we need money to live abundantly in our current lifetime. We need to go back to that timeline as monks and release these vows that we had taken from the past lives. Consciously we will be aware of these imprints in our contracts and will ask help from our Masters and guides to release the burden of this scarcity and unconscious beliefs regarding money.

As we become conscious, we shifts our perceptions and develop our self-esteem that we have the birth right for prosperity. This is a huge leap of our faith and consciousness. Living new patterns of thinking in our sub-conscious mind will help us in our development of new habits. The power of healing past lives is an amazing tool for healing the current patterns that are appearing in our lifetime.

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