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Akashic Records and Clearing Your Space


As above so below, when you tap into your soul’s records you will find that you are also clearing your physical space. Energetically you are clearing and releasing the things and attachments from the past and those that does not serve you anymore. We are all interconnected and the physical dimension that we surround with has a blueprint of its own. When our soul is ascending, physically we are feeling lighter.

We let go of things that block us from being empowered. The more conscious we are about our creations, we are able to tap into our highest good. The thoughts, words, emotions, and actions that we have or do unconsciously will become more tangible and we know that everything is recorded in our Akashic Records. We become self aware. We are clear with our intentions and our soul’s purpose here on mother earth.

Think of your physical space as your mental space, when your surroundings are messy your head are literally scattered with all ideas and thoughts that are not grounded. In order to to focus on your projects, you have to know that there is order and harmony in the universal law that governs our creation. Like music every note has to be in synchronicity with each other to create a symphony. The orderliness of your environment will keep your thoughts clear and precise. The external speaks of the internal, whatever is going on inside yourself is a mirror of your external environment.

Clearing your space is an important factor to help you clear your thoughts. Becoming minimalist is a way to filter your busy thoughts and be focus on your intentions. Whatever it is that you want to create will have a pathway in your head space and environment. Distractions are our escape not to fulfill our missions. Clear your space and feel lighter in your surroundings. The more you practice this, you become more clear on what you want to create in your world.

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