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Akashic Records and Contracts



The Akashic contracts are people that we meet in this lifetime and that our paths crossed and makes a shift in our life. These contracts can be negative and they are tumultous relationships. They are our triggers in our victim conscious state to empower us and transcend our consciousness. We either changed our perceptions and be a better person, or we can turn into lower emotions vibratory frequency like anger and unforgiveness.

These contracts are here because in our blueprints we had an agreement to incarnate and meet each other for our experiences to learn our lessons. It is quite paradoxical in a sense because the shadows that are created in our relationships are actually the light that we come here to learn. For example, if your parents had abandoned you when you were a child, unconsciously in your contract you were suppose to learn self-reliance and independence. In the positive light, you in return support orphans and abandoned children because deep within you is a core of abandonment.

On the other hand, unconsciously you can be repeating the same pattern of abandonment with your own family. Recreating fear until you get the lesson. We come here to experience the paradoxical meaning of life. When we have truly experience ascension, we are going to transcend our shadows and be at one with all that is. Our veils are lifted and will focus on light, we are able to forgive others and send blessings for those who are still in the dark.

How can we transcend these shadows? The secrets lie within ourselves, when we know that we are alchemist we can shift any lead into gold so to speak.

Steps in shifting shadows into light:

1. Create a safe and sacred space. Reflect, meditate and journal with the shadow or negative situation.
2. Open your Akashic Records and ask ” Lords of the Akashic Records please open my records and state your full current legal name _________________. The records are now open, the records are now open and the records are now open. What is my Akashic contract with this situation and person?”
3. What is my lesson?
4. How can I release or heal this?
5. Am I ready to let go?
6. Ask the Masters of light to come into your presence. Ask St.Germaine and the Violet Flame to transmute the negative energy, release, clear and send these energies back into the Source of all that is.
7. Call Archangel Michael and the blue Ray to cut any cords or attachments with the people concerns.
8. Call Archangel Raphael and the green Ray for healing.
9. Say the forgiveness prayer. “I forgive myself for hurting others consciously and unconsciously in all timelines, dimensions, space and reality. I forgive others for hurting me consciously and unconsciously in all timelines, dimensions, space and reality. Envision these people that had hurt you and that you had hurt. Send them love and light.”
10. Close your records by acknowledging the Lords of the Akashic Records. “Thank you, thank and thank you Lords of the Akashic Records and Archangel Metatron for helping me heal. I now ask to close my records. The records are now closed, the records are now closed and the records are now closed.”


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