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Akashic Records and Creating a Sacred Space


The spiritual tool of accessing your own Akashic Records is very sacred because you are at tuning into your soul. Creating a sacred space is the first step in accessing your records. The way I do it is like a ritual that I create. First, lighting a candle no disturbances from others. Use sage or Palo Santo to clear the space. Go into your meditative space, sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Take deep breaths and go into your heart space.

Invoke the Masters of light, Archangel Metatron to open the stellar gateway and the cosmic diamond portal. To activate our Merkabah, our divine vehicle of light to link us to the divine blueprints the Akashic Records. We ask to clear, release and heal all chakra energy centres.

Call Archangel Michael and the blue Ray for protection, to cut any cords of attachments to places, things and people that are not serving our highest good.
Call Our Higher Self and body deva spirit to fully open and receive the angels light attunements and activations for our highest potential.

Call our spiritual guides, teams, loved ones and ancestors to support us in our healing and guide us for our highest good.

Call all the Ascended masters to help support our ascension process. Call St. Germaine and the Violet Flame to transmute all energies that is not of light. Ask these energies to go back to the Source of all that is.

Call the benevolent beings of light to accelerate the frequency of light in our multi-dimensional bodies. Then, envision yourself in the Halls of the Library of Akashic Records. Visualize yourself getting your book of life and ask the Lords of the Akashic Records to open your book of life by stating your full name. This is the password to your records. Slowly envision your book opening with golden light around it. And say the Records are now open, the records are now open and the Records are now open.

Ask questions and journal the answers. Whatever messages you receive, do not judge, resist or be scared. Let go of any expectation. After opening your records. The most important part is to close the Records. Say thank you three times to the Lords of the Akashic Records and ask that your records be closed. The records are now closed, the records are now closed and the records are now closed.


Blessings of miracles,


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