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Akashic Records and Entanglements


In our relationships, we can be in the midst of entanglements and do not understand why? There are a lot of factors why we are together with a person and our circle of family. These are our contracts and all of us can be entangled to the core of our emotional patterns, mental thoughts and past lives. Entanglements can be deceiving, as we crave to belong but when the core of relationship is not healthy, we can feel at a lost. How can we tell if the relationship is entangled? By our emotions, we have to be aware of these signs and reflect on what is lying beyond the surface.

Recognized that there is something off, when we get stuck in the midst of chaos. This is a sign that there is power control  or struggle. What is this situation calling for? Boundary and respect that the vibration of others is not for us to take. Do not pay attention or reaction to things that are not serving our highest good. We have the power to allow only the good things that serves us. We do not need the drama of others. Create a force field around us with the Masters of light that protects against any attacks or drains. This will help us sustain our inner strength in the midst of chaos. We can send love and light to those that are concern.

These entanglements can be seen in our Akashic Records and work with the Masters of light, to help us see the bigger picture. Ask our spiritual guides what are we learning from these contracts? Forgive others for those unconscious harm that they had done in all timelines and dimensions. Forgive ourselves for hurting others unconsciously and consciously. Ask Archangel Michael and the blue Ray to cut any cords of attachments and entanglements with these people in our lifetime and that send these energies will return to the Source of love and light. Send love and light to those who are concern.

Be aware of your participation, act responsible, and know that there are spiritual guides that can help you heal these entanglements and have a peaceful life within your self and others.

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