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Akashic Records and Multi-dimensional Healing

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When our records are open, we can tap into the other dimensions that you have been. It can be a great experience like the angels realm or it cal also be an awkward experience. When I studied the records on 2008, I had a surreal vision of myself in the angels realm. It was brought to my attention that I was in Genesis. There was this huge tree of life in a paradise setting with my two year old self. I was clinically dead of diphtheria when I was two, and I was always inquisitive and ask God “where did I go?” This vision confirmed to me that I met the Source of all that is during that glimpse of heaven. There were 4 Archangels that I met Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel. They were preparing me to meet the divine, the divine has no face and when I met this omnipotent presence I was in awe full of love. The time was ready for me to come back and I adamantly screamed and said no, I did not want to go back. Then the angels lifted me up and I heard the sound “swoosh, swoosh” and I know that I will be fine. I woke up from this healing inside the room where my friend was giving me a Reiki healing massage session. My world was turned upside down. I knew my purpose here and never again doubt what my life is all about.

That experience in the Akashic fields grounded myself and directed me what my passion is. To bring others back to their home. Before I started my studies with the Akashic Records, I heard this voice from my guides, “you are returning home.” I thought for a moment there that I was going to die. Needless did I know that my home is my soul’s home. Tapping into the most amazing book of my life, I was able to see my soul’s highest potential and mission here on earth. This became my passion to teach, help others see their book of lives, to heal our deepest wounds and to know that we are always protected, guided and loved.

“May your book of life guides, assists and heals your broken heart and may the light of the Akashic Records permeate your cellular level of consciousness and memories, to remember your soul’s home.”

Blessings of miracles,


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