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Akashic Records and Numerology


Akashic Records hold the records and vibrations of everything that had passed on in our history and future evolution. The Akashic fields of primary substance before anything becomes a form. The numbers are the building blocks of our physical forms. The mathematical patterns of existence are the numbers that our Prime Creator had given us to which the universal mind of God resonates and vibrates. We are infinitesimal like the Prime Creator, we co-create this universe. They are the sacred geometry of our universe, anything that is formed has an equivalent summation of numbers. Our names hold a vibration frequency and reveal to us what we are carrying from all timelines that our souls had traversed.

Our Prime Creator is infinite, we are the fractals from this Source of all that is. Right now we are given access to understand the meaning and vibrations of our consciousness. When we see numbers that are repeating like 1111, our consciousness whatever we are thinking at that particular moment is accelerated and it is a sign of connection and alignment with the universal mind of the Prime Creator.

The vibrations that all numbers are holding has an imprint in our psyche, because they are part of our building blocks. Our names and birth dates have numerical vibrations and what is written in our blueprints will hold what is in our realities. The wisdom in knowing this is that we can balance what is given to us and be fully grounded and function for our highest good.

We are the summation of our numerical vibrations and this guides us like a signpost to what is headed before us. It teaches us to understand our existence a lot easier. We can access these through our Akashic Records when we open and ask questions regarding our soul’s path.

Meanings of numbers:

1 Creativity, confidence, ego, vision, new beginning, pride

2 Cooperation, balance, harmony, relationship, partnership, dance

3 Expression, sensitivity, trinity, communication, teaching, learning

4 Stability, process, analytical, attachments, environment, perseverance

5 Freedom, discipline, self will, choices, adventure, change

6 Acceptance, vision, mother archetype, nurture, forgiveness, love

7 Trust, openness, mystic, mystery, rebirth, personal growth

8 Abundance, power, infinity, manifestation, health, synchronicity

9 Integrity, wisdom, completion, lesson, compassion, leadership

0 additive to other numbers gives it an extra boost like inner gifts

11 and 22 are master numbers

Procedure: There are a lot of ways to add your numbers for example:

Birthday Nov 15, 1963

1+1+1+5+1+9+6+3= 27/9

9 is about integrity and wisdom, also November is a master number of 11, which is about the soul’s mastery. The soul incarnates to learn a lot of lessons in this lifetime thus creates challenges for the soul to experience. To master the soul’s path, we encounter challenges to transcend this victim consciousness into empowerment and mastery.


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