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Akashic Records And Our Astrological Planets


When we are born in this planet earth, in a certain time and date, we have our soul blueprints, the Akashic Records imprinted with this information.Together with this we have archetypal energies that we inherit right at the get go and these planets that corresponds with our blueprint and energy systems activates us when they are active in the sky. The Akashic Records of our souls continue to integrate, infused us with knowledge and wisdom when we change the way we perceive and act on things.

The planets are archetypal energies of our origins, they are conscious and interactive to the collective unconscious of our human race. When we receive their formations in heavens, they signal to us what is happening in the bigger scheme of things. If we are aware of their existence, we can help ourselves attune and integrate our lessons. The vibrations of these planetary formations activates our blueprints and how we take, change and evolve is our choices in this times of awakening. We can only be aware when we choose to do so. We always have freewill, when we do not learn the lessons. We come back again, reincarnate, recycle our life until we reached the highest evolve vibration of our soul until we go back to the Source of All that is.

Some souls are from other planets and it can be their first time here on earth as an ambassador to help us in our ascension process. They have these deep feelings that they are not from here and does not understand how our society are clinging on to survival mechanics such as manipulation and power hunger, that is being presented by the politics in governments structures. These are not new techniques but were used in ancient times of Atlantis as well. As long as we condone and not express our truth of what we are which is being a multi-dimensional soul incarnate within this physical body. We will continue to be at lost with our priorities. These ambassadors from other planets, will make the difference in our awakening and will guide us to oneness.

The planets are communicating to us in the sky to guide us on how to vibrate and help balance our holographic matrix. The alignment of the planets and stars help us to understand how to navigate our projects and relationships with others. Everything is interconnected, the archetypal energies of the planets are directly link to our archetypal blueprints. The vibrations of our own selves link us to the high frequencies that we are receiving from these planetary consciousness.

When there is a sacred geometrical form of Merkabah in the sky, the divine vehicle of light our seal in the Akashic Records are activated and we are receiving downloads of information from this portal of energy. We are receiving grace and divine intervention in our current lifetime. The Masters are dispensing us with divine grace and blessings. They are increasing our frequency towards love and light. In order to have peace on earth, we are releasing a lot of blockages and releasing these in our systems. As you undergo these challenges, know that it is a part of the clearing process. Whenever there is an acceleration of motion of the planets, we are experiencing tumultuous emotions and mental confusions. We are affected of their conglomeration due to energy vibrations and waves that we receive as energetic beings of light.

Be aware of your planetary system and how they are active in the current moment so you can adjust and fine tune your energy system. It is important for us to stay grounded during these times. Drink a lot of water, walk in nature and have a salt bath for detoxification. Our Akashic Records is a great spiritual tool to understand our connection with the planets, past lives, vows, contracts that we are attached to and be able to release those that are not serving our highest good.

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