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Akashic Records and Our Family



Our family that we inherited are a big part of our Akashic Records. Our blueprints are intertwined to each other’s souls purpose. We all have sacred contracts with each other that we are going to play major roles in our incarnation and lessons in life.

The conflicts and pain that are caused by our parents and siblings are part of our empowerment program in the future. We develop these entanglements with the members of our family to help us become empowered in our path. They are the catalyst for us to develop inner strength.

When we open our records, we can see the bigger lesson and purpose of each of our family members. It can be painful sometimes to forgive and let go. But this is a part of your soul longing to experience what true forgiveness means. We are intricate parts of the whole. When we are able to see their participation in a bigger scheme of things then we can know deep within that it was meant to be.

By going through the portal of forgiveness, our soul feels lighter and the blessings that we receive pour out in our lifetime. We can practice being grateful for the gifts that our family members had given us. Even though it was a negative situation, these are the catalyst that changed us. Bless these people and shift our perceptions towards these experiences. Transcend our victim consciousness and ascend into our highest good.

A good practice is to meditate and see each family member in your vision and send them love and forgiveness. Thank them for what they had given you. Bless any pain that you had felt with them and know everything had now come into a full circle of life.

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