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Akashic Records and Our Vibrations


The Akashic Records hold the vibrations and templates of our soul. Our soul is the hologram or the blueprint that holds our incarnation in this lifetime. Our soul holds the vibrations and energetic imprints that we had created from all timelines and dimensions in our journeys. When we incarnated in this physical dimension, our mental, emotional, etheric and astral bodies are all intertwined creating our present actions, reactions and perceptions in our reality. When the soul is not wholesome because of interference from other entities or attachments from past lives, we can not fully function in our highest good. To create a wholesome life, we need to understand what are these interferences and how we can fully attain our happiness and success in life.

We start with our soul, this soul has a blueprint and it is called the Akashic Records. This is kept in the Akasha or ether, it is believe that our creations are in the primordial substance before anything becomes a form. Our blueprints contain all our thoughts, words, emotions, and actions in all timelines, dimensions, space and reality. Because we are multi-dimensional beings of light, we traverse in the astral realms when we are asleep in this dimension. In our journeys as energetic beings we attract entities that get attached in our energy system. That is why we need to clear our fears, karmic bondage, unconscious negative beliefs, patterns and conditioning from our DNA and RNA, blockages from trauma and injury from this incarnation and other timelines, and open our Akashic Records to clear these energies that are not serving our highest good.

When the soul or blueprint is clear, we are able to tap into our highest potential. We become instruments of clarity, service and oneness. We become beacons of light attracting other souls that needs this light to remember who they truly are. Our soul’s vibrations accelerate into a higher frequency towards love and light. In our ascension process, we become one in all creations. There is no separation in this space of love.

The Masters of light are here to help us clear and ascend these energies. We are being supported and guided in our ascension. When we are in our Akashic Records, we rewire our neural pathways and rewrite the way we think and increase our soul’s vibrations towards light and love. The gatekeepers of our Records keeps the integrity of our soul. No one can enter our Records without our permission. Experience this spiritual tool to assist us in our ascension process and feel at one with the universe.

Blessings of miracles,


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