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Akashic Records and Past Lives


Akashic Records are the vast compilations of all that had happened, present and future probabilities in our collective consciousness. It is interactive with the present and records everything that we thought of, speak, emote and act upon. The universal data bank of our own soul’s records and the collective consciousness of mankind. They are governed by the universal laws and guarded by the gatekeepers and the Lords of the Akashic Records.

It comes from the Sanskrit word akash meaning ether, sky or primordial substance before anything becomes a form. To make it simpler it is like a data bank in our computer. We are tapping into this bank of information when we are in the zone like an artist painting it’s canvas, they are tuning into their creativity and passion in life. There are a lot of ways to tune into the Records like meditation and hypnosis, and the path that I took is through a sacred prayer. I ask permission to the Lords of the Akashic Records to gain information about my soul and clients past, future and present situations.

We can only open others records with the permission of the person. The integrity of this sacred reading is very important. Past lives are parts of the reading and it can come like a vision or a feeling. The reader’s ways and gifts  of seeing will convey to you what is given. The messages that are given are the relevant facts that will help the person to understand the patterns or conditions they are in at the moment. We lived eons of lifetimes so we can only access the ones that will make sense to us.

In the Akashic fields , there are no time and space. It is a continuum, infinite, holographic matrix of our existence from the time we leave the Source and time we return to home. That is why I heard these words from my guides before I enter the studies of the Akashic Records “you are returning to home!” I did not understand then the meaning of these words I thought I was going to die but literally I was going back to my home the Source of all that is. We are all interconnected, so the things that we do affects everyone in our collective consciousness. The state of our chaotic society is a summation of our unconscious negative thoughts, beliefs and behavior. The shadow side of our humanity, we are being called as light workers to bring in the light and transcend our shadows. That is why we are now given this grace of accessing our records. In the past only the sage and prophets were commissioned to do this. Because we need to align ourselves, clear and heal our consciousness in order for our species to survive.

Our past lives can resolve issues that keep occurring, cycles and patterns that we keep doing and we do not understand why. In healing these past lives, we ask the healing energy of the Masters of light. We receive the healing light and feel lighter after the consultation. We shift our perception, our neuro-pathways re-route our new ways of thinking and perceiving things. We let go of our victim hood and begin a life of an empowered state.


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