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Akashic Records and Relationships


Relationships are contracts that you had agreement in your records. How ever that relationship ends, it does not really matter if the experience was negative or positive. The contracts of your souls meeting together and experiencing life, was predestined in your records. You have agreed to meet up again in this lifetime and fulfill someones lesson. When we are aware of our records and ask questions about the lessons that we are learning from the other person, we become more conscious about our relationships. We see the bigger picture why we are together and thus create harmony and peace. We gain deeper understanding about our soul’s mission here on earth.

When a couple goes for a healing, this can create a bridge for their relationship to thrive. They  release the pattern of blame and judgement. They become more forgiving and truly understood why they are together. Sometimes a person can come for healing and advice on what they are to do with their relationship. They either get clarity and power to cut the cords between their contracts that is not serving their highest good. It is through the eyes of the soul that reflects what they are seeking for answers. Deep within a spark of understanding and truth ignites the fire within. This healing session from their Akashic Records can become the catalyst for the shift that they are looking for. Their soul remembers what they came here for and release their dependency with the other person. Clearing contracts, vows and agreements in your Akashic Records is a powerful tool to finally let go of the other party.

I had witnessed huge transformations with couples who goes for healing. Their freedom to express what they want in life suddenly makes sense rather than just living without this sense of self-esteem. The records energetic imprints empowers and creates a safe space that the person feels and heal their wounded self. They become aware of their soul’s participation in their creations. They become responsible and accountable for their actions and thoughts. Their soul’s journey goes deeper with themselves and how they react with those that they care about. They let go of not being able to forgive, they are able to forgive themselves and others in all lifetimes.

The beauty of opening your records is that we truly do not know when we hurt others in other timelines and dimensions so we go through life holding this bitter sweet love between others. When we open our records we go through the forgiveness portal where we forgive ourselves and others for any harm that we had done consciously and unconsciously. We truly never know what we did with these people in our lives in the past so this way energetically we are clearing the path for us to live lighter and lovingly.

Relationships can be confusing when you are going through chaotic times. We forget that these misunderstandings can be coming from old contracts that both had signed for. If for example the two of you had contracts of being monks, you will find that there are times that you want to be alone on your own. This can trigger separation and anxiety, in order to understand these emotions that are arising. You have to see your contract and vow as a monk and you will understand that these are triggers from past life. Now, that both of you had chosen to live together in this lifetime, each one of you can understand that being alone is fine and does not mean that you are going to be separated. Giving permission to allow independence for both parties will help ease the separation anxiety. There is an energetic bond between two monks and we can clear these in our Akashic Records. To feel more at home with the other person and feeling open to receive love.


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