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Akashic Records and Spiritual Guides


There are a lot of spiritual guides that you can call when you are creating a sacred space for your Akashic Records healing. They are with you to assist you in your healing. They are here to give you messages, clarity and understanding on what is happening in your current situation. These guides have mastery and special gifts, knowing them will help you in knowing who to call and create a relationship with them. While I open the Akashic Records, I call on these guides to help me attain a clear reading and understanding on the messages. We are the channels of light and love. We are the messengers to help others to remember who they truly are. Everyone of us has this innate healing ability when we are open and trusting in the divine intervention.

Here are this list of some guides that I call:

Archangel Metatron– he is the scribe of the Akashic Records, he takes notes on all our thoughts, words, emotions and actions in all timelines. We ask to open the stellar gateway and the cosmic diamond portal from the heavens. To activate our Merkabah ( divine vehicle of light) and attune us to our Akashic Records. Clearing all our Chakra energy centers and anchoring our golden light to mother earth Gaia. To help us in opening and rewriting our records.

Archangel Michael and the blue Ray- for protection and cutting the cords and attachments from people, places and things that does not serve our highest good. He is also the one to call and heal our Throat Chakra for expressing our authentic self, will and choices. Before attempting to speak with others especially in conflicts, create this bonding and call Michael for assistance to help you open up more and be vulnerable with your emotions to go deeper.
Archangel Raziel- call for spiritual understanding, clairvoyance and to know the secrets of God. He holds the keys to the kingdom of the creations. I ask for the sacred geometrical form to infused us with healing and seal the Akashic Records with these symbols. Visualize these symbols when you are closing the records and see these stamps in the pages of the records.
Archangel Chamuel- call to heal the heart Chakra, to release and clear any toxins around the energy fields. To melt down all the walls and barriers around the heart and infused the pink light of healing, unconditional love, peace, and forgiveness.
Archangel Ariel- call for our material needs that we are provided and that we have the birth right to receive abundance and prosperity as we follow our intuition and accept the gifts that we are given. Accept and believe that we are gifted with intuition, clarity and understanding. Use this wisdom and know that we deserve the gift of money that we will receive as a gift for our service of healing. Have the courage to to move forward and express our truth. To follow our heart and manifest our dreams to come true.
Archangel Raphael and the Green Ray– call for healing our body, mind, heart, spirit and soul. He takes care of all our needs, and trust that we are safe, secure and loved. We are a vehicle and beacon of light serving as a messenger of love and light for others to know that they are loved. Give our worries to the angels and believe that they will take care of our needs. Have faith and trust that all things are well. Let go of any expectations from the outcome but totally surrender to the unknown.
St. Germaine and the Violet Flame- invoke him for transmutation of energies that is not of light, to clear and release anything that is not serving our highest good any attachments, negative entities, souls, cords, hooks, drains, unconscious negative thoughts, patterns, conditions from our DNA, memories and consciousness.  We ask that these energies to go back to the Source of love and light.
Lord Jesus Christ- call Jesus for forgiveness and compassion. To forgive our enemies and catalysts to change. To see the bigger picture why things had to happen between us. Say this forgiveness prayer ” I forgive myself consciously and unconsciously for hurting others. I forgive others for hurting me consciously and unconsciously in all timelines, dimensions, space and reality.” This will help us to heal our unconscious thoughts, words, emotions and actions that we have done in the past lives as well. Forgiving will make us feel lighter and free from any burden that we had been carrying in our energetic fields.
Medicine Buddha call him for enlightenment and healing of our mind, body, heart and spirit. He gives us wisdom and clarity to know the difference. Have compassion and kindness towards ourselves and others. The love for our brothers and sisters in our community. No harming, gaining inner peace and truly being at one in the universe.
Lord Melchizedek- call for wisdom, clarity and support. When I first met Melchizedek it was such a strong force that I was not able to move and get up from the lying on the floor. Ever since then, I called for his help with supporting me in my work. He was my ascension teacher to help me with increasing my light frequency. Call on him for full support and safety.
Mother Mary- call her for nurturing your heart and healing your inner child. She sends this warmth, comforting and lovingly energy guiding you in your path. When there is brokenness of twin flames she helps soothes your brokenness.
Goddess Quan Yin- call for helping you with sorrows and uplifting your spirit. She takes away your griefs and placed them in her vessel of love. She has  a lot of wisdom and compassionate guidance. Listen to her voice touching your heart and allow her to come and take away your sorrows.
Goddess Isis- call her for your goddess energy, remembering who you truly are a goddess of feminine divine love. When you are lost in your partnership, not being able to feel worthy and valued, call for her assistance. Filling your heart with empowerment and know that you are divine within. Feel her grace by completely opening your heart and receive love from her presence.
Master Paramahansa Yogananda– call him for mastery of manifestation, inner peace and wisdom. He connected to me in Los Angeles and literally guided me to teach Mastery of Akashic Records, while I was being guided to visit his lovely retreat centers. This was an amazing experience that I have never imagine that I was guided with this beautiful Master of light.
Crystal Devas, fairies, and elementals- call these beautiful  beings in the elemental fields to assist you in manifestation, connections, healing your elemental physical body. They have the secrets ingredients of our third dimension, they give us joy like children of the earth. Gives us lightness, healing and guides us to the present moment.

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