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Akashic Records and Your Current Lifetime


The Akashic Records or your book of life is interactive to what is happening to your life right now. It comprised of all your soul’s vibrations which is a vast compilations of all your thoughts, intuitions, memories, visions, past lives, karma, words, emotions, relationships, contracts, vows, agreements, actions, conscience, society, environment, your DNA, RNA, or the primordial substance of your soul when it leaves the Source and extends to it’s journey right now here in this incarnation.

Difficult to conceive but to make it simple, envision a book with chapters. The chapters are your journeys and when you open your book randomly, it opens to the chapter that you needed to see. This glimpse in your records will help you recognized what is happening in your current situation and how it is related to the chapter of your Akashic Records. It is important to have an intention and questions before you come to consult your records in order to have the precise answers to what you are asking. The gatekeepers will help you to accesss your records when you know the sacred prayer and portal to this path. Because we are complex and complicated multi-dimensional beings of light, there are a lot of informations and messages in your own records. It is therefore easier to receive the message when we have the right questions to ask. It is given to us what we can only handle at the moment. The more we progress in our access, we become accustomed to the ways we are receiving the informations.

The informations are being relayed to you by your spiritual guides which are closer to you in this incarnation. The higher you are in your vibrations the easier for you to access the higher beings or Masters of light. As an example of how your current lifetime in affected by your records, if you have difficulty in receiving abundance or financial gain in this lifetime. When we open your records, there are energetic imprints of being a monk in your past lives. You have taken a vow of poverty, silence and celibacy in that particular lifetime. To release these imprints, your awareness will shift and realized consciously that you are now having a different reality and that you are no longer a monk.

The healing takes place with the Masters that we are calling and assist you in transmuting these blockages. Because your records are open it updates the information and upgrade what your soul’s vibrations are receiving right now. There is a stamp of approval that is posted in the pages that were opened. I see this vision of the Masters placing a stamp on your scrolls and that meant that the lesson was learned and you can now move forward to your new chapters of life without the blockage. It is quite an amazing experience for me to see this wonderful visions given to me as a healer.

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