You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Alchemy of CHAOS


When there is chaos, there is an opportunity for us to wake up and realised that CHAOS is Conflict Hidden Arising On Seeing the truth. We are being led to the path of least resistance. This journey is totally letting go of one’s attachments and surrendering to the unknown. When we reach this point, we are not attached to any outcome but completely know that we are guided within and that all is well.

Amidst the chaos and tribulation is a light that wants our full attention. We are here to anchor this light to function in a focused manner. Things that are negative are here to direct us to the opposite direction of life. It is meant for us to take the opposite pole of things. Letting go of attachments and have faith to trust that everything is here for our highest good.

Chaos is triggered for us to activate our highest potential by seeing them as doors of opportunities. They are signposts on what our souls are here to learn. We will experience that those triggers are the lessons in our lives that we came here to understand and shine to others. The shadows are our light. Without the shadows, we are not able to know what is light. Chaos is hidden patterns and entanglements within our DNA and RNA, deep in our sub-conscious mind that were embedded in the core of our being. When they are hidden and not realised by our consciousness, they get stuck and they keep repeating the cycles of karma and suffering.

What are the steps to uncover CHAOS?

  1. When there is chaos, there is confusion or things that are not working for your highest good. You feel trapped and stuck in any aspects of your being.
  2. Know that these are the perfect signs that you are going through transformations. The shadows are here because you are activated with your truth and light. They are arising in your realities because you are in your ascension process. Transcending the victim consciousness.
  3. Letting go of attachment to anything, places or people that are draining you and not serving your highest good. We are uncertain and impermanent in nature. Let go of grasping or clinging to relationships with others that are not yours. Let go of power and control over situations. Be here now.
  4. Trust and have faith that we are always guided, provided and loved by the Source of all that is. Whatever the situations, focus your attention on your blessings in the moment.
  5. Surrender to the flow of life. Let go of resistance. Flow with what is in your field. They are here to teach you lessons that will be important in your soul’s journey.
  6. Be in the present moment. Listen to what arises in your field. Be present.
  7. The answers are given, watch your dreams, messages from others, nature and animals signs. Be a receiver, observe and be still.
  8. Take responsibility for what arises, we are accountable for our actions.
  9. Forgive yourself and others consciously and unconsciously.
  10. Know that we are one, when there is separation, there is suffering. Send love and light to those who need them. Bless our chaos and know that everything passes away. Be grateful for our blessings.

Blessings of miracles,


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