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Anchor All Past Lives


In this lifetime, we will find that some of our  past lives are still activated. Some of them are actually no longer serving our highest good. We become scattered when we are not aware of this. We drained our energy. It brings confusion, and we get lost. How can we anchor these past lives? Why do we need to anchor them? What are the past lives that are not serving us and others? What are the karmic bondage that entailed these past lives? What are our lessons? How can we release them? Are we ready to release and clear these energies in our Akashic Records?

These are some questions that can help get us gain clarity. Knowing and acknowledging these contracts with others, create a better understanding on why things happen to us. We let go and release of taking things or situations personally. We are able to free ourselves and others from the bondage in a lot easier way. We are seeing the bigger picture of our karmic contracts with these people that brought us pain. We become conscious and aware of our responsibilities and take actions to cut the cords with the help of the Masters of Light.

What are these cords? They are the energy imprints that our souls carry on when transition into another lifetime. This is a belief from reincarnation, we carry our karma and relive the same pattern in another lifetime. We are now in our ascension process, this means we can transcend these old patterns of lower vibrations.

First, we need to awaken from old templates of victim consciousness. Our consciousness is evolving and shifting into more powerful and positive light. The enlightenment age, all of us are in different level of vibration and frequency of light that we carry in our DNA. When we awakened, we become more aware of our thoughts and emotions. How does it affect yourself and others? We become a part of the whole. We become open and allow our hearts to expand into the vastness love of the Source.

Anchoring all our past lives, simply means know the patterns that are not helping us become the best. In any relationships or transactions that we partake, there is a contract from the past, present and future lives. When we are triggered, take deeper reflection and contemplate what is the trigger and the lesson from being with this person. We are the magnet of the situation, it is calling to us. Listen deeper, meditate, pray and release the other person’s negative energy from our mind and heart. We are creating toxic fields when you remember this person.

Allow our hearts for true compassion to arise, we are all in the same boat. What hurts the other person is ours as well. If there is judgement, our lesson is to have more self care and love. Release any critical thoughts from our own mind consciousness. Be still with our inner critic. To dissipate any energy of judgements, we have to learn to accept ourselves the way we are. By doing this we are becoming more at one with ourselves and others.

Then, the universe will mirror back to us what we have learn. We become one with judgement itself. The next time it comes around again, we have mastered this one. We look at someone who judges as someone who is hard of themselves. We start to melt down the barriers, we were once like that person. It is now time to be compassionate, release this past life of being judgemental. Anchor the lesson into your new template and begin a new life with new eyes.

Sacred Prayer:

May all the energetic imprints from the past, all timelines, dimensions, space and reality be anchored to the present moment in my incarnated body. I ask the Masters of Light to release, clear and heal all wounds from the past. To create a new template of the highest version of my self and to serve for the good of all sentient beings. May I continue to serve with light, love, compassion, and kindness to all that I meet. May I be filled with the divine grace to be a channel of peace.

Om shanti!




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  1. Karin 2 years ago

    Beautiful, Teza. A clear and True message that resonates thru out this soul’s current body. Thank you. The Universe timed this well. Blessings!

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