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Angelite for peace and communication


Angelite is a beautiful calming blue crystal that is very useful for communicating for peace. This crystal vibrates in the angelic realm, we can receive attunements and activations from the angels when we surround ourselves in their presence. It invokes the calming presence of the angels.

When you touch this crystal invoke the angels and Archangels around you and light up a candle to accelerate the experience. We are so blessed when we ask for their presence. But sometimes we forget to ask, “ask and you shall receive.”

Angelite invokes forgiveness and speaking from the heart. When we forgive, we allow this sacred space within us and make us feel lighter and free. We detached from the heaviness and drama of not letting go. We learn to flow with what we have and focus on our blessings. This crystal brings us this presence of forgiveness, letting go, flowing with calmness and peace. The angels bring us this presence, this crystal is a powerful bridge for us to communicate with the angels realm. Channel their message for you and others. Become a vehicle of light and love. We are blessed to be in the presence of these angelic light beings! Beloved!

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