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Angels Beside Us


We are blessed with these angels beside us. Listen to their voices, feel their presence and open your mind and heart to what is. Others have difficulties accepting there are angels. When we closed our mind and hearts to what is, we are limiting our experiences. Being touched by an angel is such an out of this world experience. When you encounter these angelic beings of light and love, you feel at awe of creation. Words can not fully describe how marvelous are these beings. To be guided, protected and loved with grace is such a treasure to behold.

I have seen, felt, heard, dream and know that they exist. When I had a near death experience at two yrs old and consulted my Akashic Records I was given the glimpse of heaven. It is a beautiful paradise and as a child I was growing up in two dimensions. In my passing to the angels realm, I was playing around this huge tree in the middle of the garden of paradise. Surrounded by the Archangels, they were preparing me to meet the Divine. I met Archangel Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel. As I met the Divine, there was no face just knowing that I am in the presence of the Source. I was brought down to earth and in my return to this realm, my existence knows that I belong to the angels realm. I was given gifts as a child to know them and show others the power of angels. I named my guardian angel Guadalupe.

As a nurse I have experienced the angels presence with my dying patients. The angels were there to guide the soul in their passing from the earthly realm. I watched and whispered to these patients “do not be afraid, your loved ones are waiting for you. Follow the light, you are loved. Be my angel.” And as they open their eyes one last time, they look at me and give the sweetest smile while they take their last breath of life. The room is filled with their presence, it is expansive and I feel blessed.

As I go home and take my bath, my perceptions shifted to the treasures of life. The most important things in life are the souls that touched your heart. Be present to whoever are in your fields. They are with you to share their gifts. Even negative situations, they also serve their purpose. We are multi-dimensional beings of light, living in the hologram of our created thoughts, words, emotions and actions in the Akashic field. We record all of these bodies or aspects of our being in all timelines, dimensions, space and realities. As we transcend the dark shades of our existence and integrate light into our being, we become one with all that is.

Our angels bring us back into the light aspect of our being, reminding us of our truth. We need to call their assistance to feel lighter of our burden and challenges as human beings. They are designed to help us, this is a gift for us to have access to their energy and gifts. We are part of their existence, embedded within us the codes of light. When we call them, we invoke this light and remind us of our light. The Light of God or Source of all that is, a miraculous source of our presence. We are all in this light, we are light.

The darkness in our experiences are created from this realm of unknown or fear. The shadows are part of our evolution to know what is light. Without this shadow, we are unable to know the difference. We are always learning, the evolution of our consciousness creates this path of knowing who we truly are. We are the angels within, these archetypal energy had been imprinted in our collective unconscious eons of time. Right now we are being called to rise up and use our gifts to shine this beautiful light to others. Our purpose is to shine, share this light for others to remember their own light. As we consciously become aware of our true purpose, we help our collective to rise up from the fear and manipulation of the ego.

Our world is at the tip of collapsing the collective ego, there are a lot of distractions and challenges that are beholding us right now. It is time to contemplate and reflect on our blueprints. What did you create in your Akashic Records? Are there any thoughts and words that are harming yourself and others? Did you act for the highest good of yourself and others? We have to be conscious of all our creations. The darkness or shadows of our ego is the key to our light. But we need to be conscientious of our creations. We do not need to be hard on ourselves, all we need to know is that we are always loved no matter what. Knowing that we are loved, we can recreate new patterns of love and peace.

Our lives are a lot better when we tune into the frequencies of the angels, they bring us hope, unconditional love and peace. With the angels beside us, we know that we are taken care of no matter what. Everything will passes away but the presence and love of these angels are felt within our hearts and souls. Open your senses to their presence, call them and communicate as if they are your friends. You will find life is smoothly cruising when you are with them. Life is lighter and peaceful. You become more loving and compassionate. The angels beside you are your blessings in this lifetime. Make the most of this opportunity to soar high with the angels wings of love. Their wings carries the messages of love, hope and faith. You are with them, believe without wavering. Love their sweet presence and indulge in your current lifetime surrounded by the angels love.

Angels blessings,




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