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Angels of Anxiety

As a single mother of three children, I had experienced having challenges dealing with an Indigo child. My son was bored of school and did not want anything to do with authority and the institution’s system. He can see through the power, lies and manipulation of our old paradigm. He took the hard way and dealt with drugs, alcohol and wrong company to take away his numbness and pain. Watching him go through this, is so painful and challenging as I didn’t know where to turn for help. As I become more conscious on ways to help my child. I studied Akashic Records and realized that I’m dealing with children who are born in different vibrations and consciousness. This became my tool in helping myself to understand souls in different perspective and light. I became aware of their soul’s origins and why they are here in our physical dimension. I learn to help more Indigo children in my practice and heal them of their pain with their parents and society.

As a nurse for twenty five years I transitioned to becoming a full time Akashic Records healer/teacher and author. I’m so passionate to work with this lovely lady Petrina Bosiak who has her heart and soul in helping parents and children in their holistic path of healing. Looking forward to sharing my knowledge, wisdom and compassion to all the children and parents who are called to our soul’s journeys.

Blessings of miracles,

Teza Zialcita

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