You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Archangel Zadkiel’s Message to Humanity


We are now going through clearings of our energy fields. Our mental, emotional, etheric, astral and multi-dimensional energetic fields will be going through a lot of cleansing as our planet Earth is going through this as well. Our heart chakra is being cleared and purified of any blockages and walls around our portals. Our heart chambers are guarded by the angels, and when we close these doors to love we become sick physically. It is time to see where are we going wrong? To let go of these walls and speak of the truth towards love and freedom ofyour spirit. This heart is the magnifier of our existence and highest potential. Allow the love and light to come into our hearts and comfort us in our sadness. Times like these are magnified to create expansion in our reality. The time is now to open and release these dark shadows that are hiding inside our hearts. Release, clear and lift them to the angels, all our fears, pain and sorrows. These angels have wings to fly to our hearts desires and callings. We have to ask to receive, it is always our freewill that they come. Freedom is ours, choose to be around these light beings to hold us up when we are going through some tough times.

Steps to communicate with your angels:

1. Create a sacred space, light a candle and smudge with Sage.

2. Surround yourself with crystals, pictures of your loved ones, anything that will make you feel comfy and loved.

3. Close your eyes, breathe and focus on your breathe.

4.  Ask the angels to come in your presence and to hold a safe a sacred space for you and your healing.

5. Talk to them like talking to a friend. Ask them what they want to communicate with you.

6. Listen to their whispers, sometimes you will hear a word, sign or anything that you feel within.

7. Put your hands apart like in a ball, ask the angels to send energy in between your hands and feel this energy.

8. When you feel it, ask to triplicate it or multiply thousand folds. You will feel the energy will increase. It’s like electricity current but more fine and tingling sensation.

9. You can send this to anyone you love or to yourself. When sending say, may this healing energy from the angels and Source be receive or be rejected depending on this person’s freewill. That this healing energy  will serve their highest good and potential, with love, grace and ease be it done. Then, you will feel the energy decreases as it stops. Freewill has to be address for respect and according to the universal law.

10. As you finish your communication with the angels, close it with gratefulness and appreciation for their existence and presence.

Archangel Zadkiel’s message:

Human beings are energetic beings of light, you have energy fields in multi-dimensional space. You also have freedom to choose, your heart when is not purified by the fire of God, contains shadows and fears. These block you from being a pure vehicle of light and it misaligns you to your angelic code. The link to this divine code lies within your heart, where your soul resides. This soul is protected by the chambers of the hearts which are guarded by the angels. When you put up walls of separation you separate yourself to the unified fields of the angels. Your spirit can not access these angelic code because you have energetically not cleared your blockages around your heart. Detoxifying, clearing and cleansing your heart of ill feelings, un forgiveness, negative emotions, unconscious negative beliefs about yourself and others, pain anything that is not helping in your ascension process. This is the time to transmute these energies, entities, beings, attached souls that are in your energy fields that you are not even aware that exist. When you are able to heal your energy fields, your soul will ascend to the higher frequencies of light and love. Your light quotient will increase in your system and you will manifest instantly your hearts desires and connect to your highest potential in this lifetime. Your purpose is to bring light into this world. To transcend this species into an evolve conscious multi-dimensional being of light and love. Call on the Ascended Masters, Archangels and angels to assist you in your transition. There is no time and space, everything is here, history, present times, future selves, it is a collective consciousness of humanity, living beings, anything that is created in this universe is here with you. When you lift the veil of separation, you can see beyond your eyes and reality. What is real is seen beyond, what is in your reality is the projection of your inner perception. Clear and cleanse these lenses and you will see the universal beings of light bringing you gifts of love and magic. You are this angel awakening to your Divine code. Shine your bright light, so others can see their light. “I call upon the mighty Archangels and angels to transmute these energies of dark, fear, negative emotions, unconscious negative beliefs from all past lives incarnations, DNA, blood lineage, cellular tissues, consciousness and memories to be lifted off me and go back to the Source of love and light to complete it’s soul’s path. Be it done with love, grace and ease.”


Blessings of love and light,



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