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Archetypal Movements of the Planets


The planets are communicating to us how we can function in these challenging times. When we are attuned to their archetypal templates, we are able to understand their messages and forewarn us where we can focus our attention and go deeper within.

I find this very amusing, how everything is energy so as the planets that had been discovered many yrs ago. Everything is interconnected, we are a fractal of the universe. Our ancestors understood and developed a systematic way of reading the movements of the planets and it can play in our psyche and archetypal energies.

There are people that do not get this and it is because others are constricted in the way they think. We are complex and complicated beings, when we are not open to others perceptions we limit our imaginations and potentials. We are limitless beings because we are eternal, our souls are multi-dimensional. As we are here present in this body, our thoughts can also travel in other fields. Telepathically, we can connect to other timelines and dimensions.

When I open the Akashic Records, I receive visions of the past or future. I see them as metaphors or archetypes to be interpreted in alignment with the present moment. It reveals to us the deeper meaning of what is happening in the situation. It gives a feeling of release why things had to happen that way. The client energetically feels lighter and gains understanding and wisdom, that can propel their healing journey.

The planets are part of our collective unconscious, we archetypally connect to them, because we had projected these creations in our universe. We are holograms, if we can see beyond our drama and find the archetypal energy that is calling us then we can feel wholesome. The process of assimilating these signs and messages will give us clarity and direction in our path.

Our emotional body sometimes take precedence in understanding our archetypal connection to the stories that we magnetized. We get pulled into the conflicts and we feel trapped. We get blindsided that we have choices and that we are empowered. We get sucked into the victim consciousness. This is the time of awakening, we are here to experience greatness, own it and be empowered.

When the planets are in retrograde, they want us to pay attention and be easy to ourselves. They give us warning to know that these things are triggered. We can become centered and balance when we are aware of this planetary movement. As above so below, we have this communication that is ongoing and interactive in our energy fields.

Planets and their meanings:

Mercury – communication, intelligence, expression, speed, synergy, transit, agreements, transportation, assimilation, mind

Mars- action, fire, passion, drive, ego, desires, ambition, pursue, masculine, self-motivated, assertive, removing obstacles,

Pluto- transformation, power, letting go of old energies or attachments, liberating, releasing, past lives, karmic, spiritual power, freedom, philosophy

Venus- art, beauty, relationships, physical body, sensuality, love, attraction, values, magnetism, material and interrelating plane, interaction

Uranus- revolution, change, transformation, challenges, originality, eccentric, give and contribute, collective, freedom, intuitive, masculine

Saturn- karma, destiny, fate, completion, fears, challenges, discipline, hard work, responsibility, contraction, create, definition

Jupiter- expansion, beliefs, travels, freedom, luck, value in the future, visions, ideals, optimism, wisdom, faith, inspiration

Neptune- mysticism, spirituality, dreams, illusions, fantasy, paranormal, healing, receptivity, deep, unconscious, peace, presence, faith, trust, imagination

Moon- emotional body, feminine, receptivity, moods, controls the tides of the water, nurturing, securities, concerns with, insights, acceptance,

Sun- drive, passion, limelight, interest, masculine, vigor, action, pursuing, leadership

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