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Archetypes and how they can affect you


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I was looking at the mirror and suddenly it dawned on me that I have voices inside my head. They are not very harmonious and victorious. They are antagonistic and self-defeating, wow! I caught myself and started laughing out loud. Stop, I told myself. Be happy and go with the flow of what is in front of me.

I am dealing with spirituality and sexuality. Learning to know myself, it is my mission to find clarity about my sexuality before I leave this mother earth. If I can do this, I will learn about the universe.

The patterns of victim archetype was sexual abuse right at infancy stage. In order for me to find inner peace with my sexuality, I had to dig deep into my unconscious, become aware of my conscious thoughts and actions and ask how my subconscious is feeding my intuition and insights.

Being fully awakened and aware is challenging in a sense that you have bigger responsibilities of your conscious actions, thoughts and emotions. You become a witness to your own behavior, shadows and that you are responsible for everything that you have cause. To have integrity in all situations that you are creating takes a lot of deeper reflections and accountability.

Karma is a recurring pattern that needs to untangle and be investigated upon. That is how I see life, it is a pattern of entanglements, archetypes or sacred contracts with others and vibrating waves of synchronicities that attract power to transform our shadows in the collective.

Sometimes the universe gives you chances to prove what you truly want in your current situation. It is not an easy task. It gives me questions about my own perceptions and how I think things through. The analytical mind within, why do I limit myself, I have endless possibilities and unlimited potentials. I learn to think bigger than I am. I am expansive.

Our mind when not in synchronicities with the universal flow of divine energy gets stuck in the small self, which is ego. The ego likes to control, manipulate how situations should be and makes you feel separated from the other person. It causes projections of your own judgements, why things are here and what these people in your relationships are all about? You lose your present moment, you become a judge, analyst and a control freak!

When in truth, freedom of our spirit does not control or resist. Resistance can only come from fear of letting go. It is like grasping the flow of water without being aware that the water cannot be grasp, we can only allow the flow. It is a graceful dance with the universe when we allow and let things unfold. Let us not label or judge for what it is.

Allow what is given as you have magnetized everything in your energy fields. Instead of controlling, why not ask deep questions..what is it that I am learning from this situation? Is this for my highest good? What patterns keep recurring? Am I ready to forgive, allow and receive the guidance that I am longing for? Do I have what it takes to change and be free? Am I allowing ease and grace in my body, mind and spirit? Am I trying to control the situation? Do I want things to be perfect? Do I need to let go and be free? Can I allow this freedom? Do I stay and be conscious of my lesson? How can I be at peace with who I am? Accepting that I am sexual being and that my sexuality is sacred. Letting go of guilt, shame and judgements of my own self. A lot of questions to investigate what are the hidden things that remains in our perception? These questions can be use to gather your thoughts and realized that life is too short to compromise your time, energy and love. Get clarity in your life.

If the other person does not reciprocate the same love that you feel. Why do we stay? Your universal flow becomes stuck. You need to see what areas need directions and spiritual guidance. What are your archetypes and how they affect you in your decision making?

We tend to think black and white. We judge or blame others so fast. Let us take the time to love unconditionally. Letting go of judgement and projections. Everything has its own timing, until it is time to change. My true purpose is to be true to myself. To be able to express what I truly want. Sometimes women have difficulty expressing them selves.

I recognized this pattern of confusion when there are two different archetypes that can blindsided the other one, like the Goddess and Servant archetype. What are these archetypes? They are sacred agreements with different templates or blueprints of energy that you had agreed upon even before you incarnate. It is an innate energetic template, that will appear in your situations to give you lessons or gifts for your highest good or potential. The wisdom in knowing this, is to be able to see the bigger picture of your life and your creations.

As an example of this situation, once I was doing a reading for a lady and there were two goddesses that came into my vision. One was holding roses and the other one was holding string beans. I was surprised that they were metaphors about this particular woman.

She was having a hard time finding love because she was being treated in two different ways. These two metaphors were depicting clearly, about the state of her condition. If she wanted string beans to cook and be a servant to her lover or does she prefer roses and be the goddess in the relationship?

After this reading, the client was able to recognize her behavior and state of mind. She chose to be the Goddess archetype. Women need to understand that we are carrying different templates and finding out what kind of archetypes you have signed up for, will be less confusing for us. In order to function in harmony with our archetypes, we need to understand them and choose who serves us or it is time to let go.

Seeing the bigger picture of what type of energies are happening can bring clarity to your needs. See them as archetypal templates and ask questions. Then confusion dissipates, be true to yourself and allow the flow of universal energy gives you contentment, happiness and fulfillment in your life. Be free of illusions.

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