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Archetypes shadows

The Archetypes are universal symbolic language in our collective unconscious. They are sacred contracts in the spiritual domain that we agreed upon to experience in this lifetime. We have certain contracts with these archetypal templates. These contracts with others can create entanglements in our lifetime if we are not aware of them. When you are aware of their energies, you become wiser in your choices. You know how to transcend their shadow aspect into the positive light. Within each Archetypal template holds the shadow and light aspect of their energies. The Archetypes are neutral energies, they are here to teach us a lesson. We navigate towards their magnetic force and attract others who are meant to teach us in this incarnation.

A good indicator that a certain archetype is activated is when you keep doing things even though it is destructive to you and others. For example a “vampire archetype” would likely to drain others if you are embodying this type of energy. The vampire likes to suck or drain the energy of others by telling them how life is so miserable and makes them feel helpless. Sometimes the one who inherits this energy is not even aware. The vampire feels powerless and their own need to release or suck others positive light to make them feel better. The wisdom in transcending this type of energy is knowing that you have the power to shift your life without sucking other people’s energy. On the other hand, the victim or other person learns how to create boundary and know what drains their energy and be able to protect their energy fields.

When the Akashic Records are open, I see certain types of Archetypes and how they present themselves within the soul of the individual. Most entrapments of these Archetypes are hidden within the psyche of the person concern. It becomes a part of their psyche thinking this is who they are. Like most victims will not be able to see how they play victims in their roles when they feel trapped in this energy. They feel helpless and that there is no hope in the future. Unleashing the power or hypnosis of these Archetypes helps the person attain clarity in their choices and freedom.

What are the indications that your Archetypal templates are not in their positive light?

  1. There is a karmic pattern or cycle of events that lead you in the same repeating blockage. For example a Monk or Nun Archetype will have difficulty in creating wealth because of the vow of poverty that was taken. Also it is challenging to have intimacy with others for vows of celibacy and silence.
  2. The Saboteur is activated if you are not aware, where in your life are you sabotaging your self? This survival template is holding you back from being empowered.
  3. You have difficulty choosing and confuse with your decision making.
  4. You have a hard time letting go and attach yourself to things, people and places.
  5. You blame others for your realities. You are not accountable for your circumstances.
  6. Your heart and mind are not congruent.
  7. Having difficulty in balancing your feminine and masculine energies.
  8. Feeling of insecurity surfaces
  9. Patterns of chaos and conflicts
  10. Feeling stuck and trapped in situations

Be aware of the shadow aspects of your Archetypes and open your Akashic Records. Ask how these Archetypes can help you in your ascension process. To transcend their shadows and become empowered with your lessons in life. Know them and understand how you can be fulfilled and successful in all aspects of your being.

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