You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Ascension of your soul


Heaven is here when we open our hearts to God, where the soul resides and integrate with our higher power. In the realms of the angels we are very fortunate to be able to feel, touch and see the beauty of God’s Divine creation. We are actually here to experience God’s love and his dominions. The more we explore or search our soul’s purpose the more we see God in every little things that the Divine has given us. Some human beings are not align to our Divine code so to speak because we are still blocked in many ways. In order for us to ascend and that our soul finds its eternal home, we should be able to integrate and align our energy centers, every cellular level of our being, crystalline structures of our DNA and RNA molecular levels of our being, heal our lineage just as we heal our ancestry line of sins, unresolved karma and past lives. To clear and ground this teaching, I’m looking at the holistic healing of humanity. As we evolve, human consciousness is being link to the Divine consciousness.

The Chakra system has been an ancient Indian tool of healing and the practice of yoga connects all in everything. The microcosm and macrocosm of life. When you study the Gnani which is the wisdom of yoga, you will find that every internal cell is a living extension of the Absolute or Divine’s love. The energy centers is a crucial point in healing the physical body as we are able to understand more of the dynamics and corresponding vortex of energy where these physical organs are situated and what messages or intuition you can apply towards healing your physical pain or manifestations. You gain knowledge and wisdom of the Eastern tradition of healing, combine with the medical healing of the Western world. However, the holistic healing method is not only the building factors for health, the most important part of healing is your Soul. This is the connection to your soul’s intention in living and manifesting here on Earth. This part of healing is actually the crucial point of your destination because if you did not heal your soul, definitely your body is not going to heal which is our main point so if you take a look at your perspective, we are actually upside down when we look at our humanity. The Soul has to heal first in order to heal the body. How can we heal? at first I thought the soul does not need healing because it’s already evolve. But when I go through healing my own self I found out that my soul was tainted or blinded by my own blindness to whatis real and eternal. I have no where close to what is a pure soul truly comprise of. Just like our body, our soul also has to be wholesome and congruent with our physical domain. Our soul is from God so the pure soul is not tainted with the 7 deadly sins. These are lust, pride, greed, envy, wrath, gluttony and sloth. These are attachments to our soul, ego and the material world. they cause emotional and mental stress, they create lower vibrations, separates us from Divine’s will and love. They are called the “reptilians” energetically they crawl, like the ancient snakes they are the devil and temptations of our physical reptilian brain. They will never leave us just like the devil and angel archetypal belief of Christianity. When we are aware of their presence, we become wise, we start to walk the path of enlightenment. Without knowing and feeling who these beings are, 7 deadly sins or lower vibrational frequency of energy, we are blinded, tainted and lost. The only way to ascend is to know thyself. When you’ve mastered your self, this will take you to the mastery of your soul’s intention and purpose.

Locate where these sins resides in your physical body, just like the “lust” will definitely be in your heart, eyes, sacral chakra for power, relationships, money issues. When you’ve realized and recognized the pattern of behavior and how they attract you,be focus, clear and release. Surrender to your higher power or God whoever God is for you. When you continue to deny then healing will not take place. I see this pattern with the Addict archetypal energy, they are not congruent with their own self because they keep adding to their truth. It is what it is, accept and start where you are. the beauty of transcending this energy is alignment with your soul and congruency with your mind and heart. Letting go is also a big part of healing, when you let go you give space for another door to open so to speak. The space becomes empty and God’s light penetrate the emptiness of your heart. This is also called “purification”. You being purified to contain the magnificent love and light of your Divine creator. The Light can not reside in a tainted dark heart, we need to be clear of everything from thoughts, words and actions. Everything God sees and weighs our hearts. Surrendering to what is, trusting that we alone are not going to make this transformation because we are weak and with this weakness God find solace in our humbleness. When we surrender we open the portal of heaven right here right now.

Forgiveness is also an major important part of our healing, when we hold anger and pride, we become the target of this reptilian agenda, we are the perfect victims of our own emotions, like fungus that grow and difficult  to heal. It rots in our hearts and we are the ones paying for our own pride. Be humble, ask that you will be forgiven for any unconscious words that you utter that you are not aware that you have harmed someone. Humility is like a baby asking for food, how can God not give you food when He sees that you are hungry and innocent but when you are full of wrath and jealousy, He will not take you in His arms but leave you in isolation until you find space in your heart to forgive others as He forgives you.

We need to wake up, our world is crumbling with fear, pain and agony. Let us hold hands, support each other in our walk towards Ascension. The love and light that we are looking for is within reach, the ladder of Jacob is here, through enlightened Masters we can be guided and become one with them in our journey towards Ascension. We need each other to see the glory of God, call your teachers of Light, Ascended Masters, Archangels, angels, your loved ones that had passed on to guide, support, teach, heal, surround and create a sacred space around you, wherever you may be. In your walking, sleeping, eating, working, playing may the Light and Love of God be with you. Be alert, awake, aligned and activate your soul to eternity.


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