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Attachments to relationships


One of the distractions to illumination is the attachments that we have to relationships that are toxic. What are the toxic signs that these relationships are distracting you to your illumined path? Asking questions to your Akashic Records helps release those past imprints of your victim patterns. For example you have a tendency to attract addictive personalities due to your childhood growing up with an addictive parent. You tend to put others first than your self. You want to be needed. Attention to dependency and totally forgetting that your self is your priority. This is a red flag, if you find that you are not a priority in this relationship that you are in. It simply is, you are not the one.

What do you do to find clarity? Seek your self first. Do you know what you want? Find some time to write down the things that makes you happy. If you can write down details of what you truly want. For example you want to travel, where do you want to go? Find the places that makes you feel at home and your soul wants to know more and explore. This detailed vision of your sacred trip will create a momentum and attract that perfect person for you to travel with. Manifestation works with a clear declaration and vision.

Do you have expectations? This can result to illusion. You can not control or change the other person. You can only know what you want and if this person does not have this qualities, move on and allow the freedom of your spirit takes you to a lighter path. Being in a relationship takes two to dance. You are the magnet of any bonding that you attract. Do not blame the other person but take responsibility for what you created. Do not be hard on yourself but learn the lesson and move on. Time is precious and your soul’s path is more important than this human relationships. Your main priority is to your Higher Self. To understand your purpose and know that the first relationship is to the divine Creator.

We find clear direction when we are clear to ourselves. We have this innate compass of direction. Where we want to be and who we want to surround ourselves with? When you are a passionate creative artist you want to be productive in your relationships. You do not want to be surrounded by people who are not dedicated to their highest calling which is service for me. Service to humanity and how we can have soul full and meaning full lives.

Do not lose yourself. Be who you are and authentic to your own expressions. Others can be entangled when you are unconsciously going through some vulnerable times. Be grounded. Scan your body, mind and spirit. Are you balance in your emotional body? Or are you draining? Are you mentally focused or confused? Do you know your dreams? Are you both willing to follow these dreams together? Relationships is an equal opportunity to experience true love with both parties. This is not meant to be a sacrifice. It is balance, open hearted, kind and gentle, thoughtful of the other person and generous spirit.

When we know how true love looks like we can visualize this relationship. We can feel right when we are with the right person. We are not clouded by illusion. We do not waste time. We express what we want and we move on with the right intention. We flow with our destined path. Together we can evaluate if things are meant for us or is this a lesson to learn. Every experience gives us a gift. However it unfolds, know that you deserve the true love that you desire. Be in love with your self. Be kind and gently flow with what life gives you. Know what you want. Know what you do not want. Be expressive. Stay true to yourself. If you are in the right path it will flow, if not there is resistance. Flow with effortless manner, ease and grace. Your relationships with others are your treasures. Value yourself and respect others.

Intimacy starts with being vulnerable. Be willing to open your heart. Share your shadows. This will create a deep intimacy that only your soul can see beyond the form. There is no illusion when we are willing to be true to ourselves. Sharing our deepest and darkest nights of the soul is the first step in creating intimacy. When you can share this pain, you are willing to shift this part of your life with the other person. Life is a grand design with the Creator. Be a co-designer of this beautiful life. If you are experiencing the dark night of your soul. Know that this will help you become a bright star in the universe. Within every black hole is a bright powerful star beyond the horizon. Illuminate your relationships.

Blessings of illumination,


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