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Attunement to the angels realm


We call forth the Archangels and angels to gather around us for support and guidance. To remind us of who we truly are and to focus our attention towards our ascension. Helping others to move forward to this transcendent path, we ask for assistance. There are a lot of distractions  that surround us to sway away from our destiny but every time you find yourself stuck, you are going to meet someone that will touch your heart and know in your deepest core that you are in oneness with angels. Our flights here is not that easy but when you align your selves and attune to the angels realm, you will find inner peace and complete joy in knowing that you have come back to your home. Our home is the spiritual world, this world that we see is just like a playground that we decided to go and experience our humanness. Truly, how can this be real when it is impermanent? What we feel is closer to our hearts and what brings us back to our home. When we look inside our hearts and see the condition of our mind, we will realized that all these images, beliefs and thoughts that played inside our heads are just illusions and entrapment of our souls. Our souls are free and eternal, we are always here omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient in one with our creator.

The hologram of our external reality is what we believe inside our selves to see and if we are light then we can see light within this hologram that we have created. Our dreams communicate to us our subconscious thoughts that create this field of matter and form. We can only observe our drama from the inside out to be an efficient observant of this matrix. Then, we know the truth of what is and all that is created in this realm. Our angels are here and we are here to witness our own angelic being to ascend and be one within our own truth. While in the process of returning to this angelic code, we will take away a lot of beliefs, detachments from illusions and possessions, realignment of our energetic fields, awakening from the past conditioning of our species and attunement to the angels realm. We are being called to let go and let our angelic codes be awaken and reactivated to fulfill our hearts desires.

Take every windows of opportunity to open and use the gifts that you are bestowed upon, remember your life is just an imagination inside your head that continually plays and choose to be at peace within yourselves and others. There are so much love that you can share and shower this world. Lead others to their truth and together you will create a world that is peaceful, loving and joyful. Your spirit of true giving and compassion will touch others in their search, believe and listen to your angels. They will whisper in your hearts, that you are one with them and that you have to rise up from the burnt ashes just like a phoenix, resurrected from the dead and now fly with your angelic wings with its true grace of love and beauty.

There are many ways that they communicate, in your dreams, people that are sent your way, animals, feelings that are strong and loving presence of others. It is quite amazing that we have heightened our senses that we are able to engage in this angelic communication. Don’t question these messages but believe in your deepest core that you are touched by an angel and there is a purpose for this awakening. We are coming from these angelic realms and they are reaching out to you to connect you to your home and truth. You can sense the angel coded people that are around you, it is a light and lovely feeling that surrounds them. Their presence brighten up the place and there is sweetness in the air. The way they communicate is through their soft voice and compassionate nature. They are positive and finds lightness in all endeavors. When these people are not aware of their nature they feel lost in this world and doesn’t feel that they belong here. They are very sensitive to others pain and most of the time feels their agony and soaked themselves in the drama thus create the pain body. They lost their vision and forgotten what they are here for. They become confused of their truth as they have carried a lot of negative conditioning of being a human.

How do we release and clear these lower vibrations that we have in our density as human beings? First, we have to be aware and awake of our truth. Aligning to our energetic fields and holographic matrices is not going to happen when we are living inside this box, the mind game. Releasing, cleansing and purifying our hearts to the truth. Recognizing that everything that we experience is our creation and we are the masters of this hologram. We are empowered angelic souls that choose to incarnate to help others transcend in their ascension process. Meditation is great tool to let go of the thoughts in your head and be in that space of love and oneness. Silence and being aware of your soul’s evolution where you are right now and how you can help transcend this experience and be one in ascension. Our souls are eternal, we are gifted to experience being human and enjoy the ride of our lifetime. Choose to align and connect to your angelic code and be one with those who are in your fields. There is no separation or fear in this truth, we are all one in this holographic matrices creating what we intend to make and we are empower to share these beautiful lives and visions to all that we touch.

The remembrance of our eternal home is here and now, as we go through lifetimes of eternally searching for the truth, we finally come to a point of our destination that truly complete this journey of ascension. When we reached this point, we are asked to follow our bliss, share the gifts to others, be passionate of your truth and do whatever your hearts desires are. We are angels experiencing humanity, deep within the recesses of our core being we know that we are, there is no coincidence, we are all one in this matrix and together we will create a loving and peaceful world in the midst of chaos and confusion. We will bring the power of the angels with its light and love to remain in our hearts and souls.

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  8. Jeanne Haskin 7 years ago


    I am a quilter and I would like to build a quilt around the angel portrait featured on this post. Could you please tell me the name and email address of the artist, so I can ask for permission?

    Thanks so much!

    Jeanne Haskin

  9. tanya 7 years ago

    wow- im there with you- the amazing angels of the purest love an light- the healing realm/temples are amazing beyond all your wildest dreams. love from a voice in the wilderness. keep up the inspiration an sending out that love an light to whom wish to recieve.tan xxx

    • Author
      Teza Zialcita 7 years ago

      thank you for your supprt! and truth we are all one in the scheme of all things!


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