You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.



When we awaken to all that is, we become aware of all the consciousness of all beings be it a plant, animal or other interdimensioanal beings that share the same space that we have, in living multidimensional we are open to this expansion of the mind that is taking place now in our own evolution of souls. Our souls have evolve eons of time and space. We are at the edge of what we call linear time, the beginning of the Golden Age, some calls it the enlightenment and end of the Dark age. There are a lot of prophecies regarding the end of times and massive amount of destruction that our Earth will experience which is a part of this clearing stage. As the Earth reaches its higher vibrationally fields it cleanses as humanity clears and cleanses its own destruction like formation of ego and false selves.

As our Mother Earth carries on its healing stage, we as inhabitants of this planet will experience the same level of healing. We wake up from the illusion of ego and separation. We become aware and we are waking up to the signs of times that we are one in spirit and many bodies. Simply put in these words that we are experiencing the same emotions and all the archetypes that our consciousness created in this realm. We are opening like the flowers in the fields, we are surrendering to the call of nature.

Our ascension as spiritual beings are opening to this expansive space of multi dimensions connecting to our highest selves and guides. We are listening to the deepest calling of our souls to unite and become one in God, whoever God is for you and other beings. The love penetrates every molecular and cellular level of understanding that our mind can not comprehend. Without the doubts and fear that the illusion of our egos create we will reach the destined path of our journeys to be one in love and light.

The dark force of this field is here as well, dual existence with the light, without this force we are in ignorance of our own shadows. They are part of our polarization and as we return to the Source, they as well return to the same source. The fear that we have will be illuminated and the matrix formation of our beliefs will be lifted from our perception and will clear this field with grids of love and light. The beginning of this new age and new energy opens this field of harmonized synchronicity, like the String Theory it vibrates within the confines of harmonious vibratory frequency. Within our body, the complex organization of molecular structures of our DNA will be recalibrate to its highest vibratory frequency within the living condition of our cellular memory, we are being connected to this space of expansion of the Universal and Cosmic consciousness. We become one in this unified field of Science and Spirituality, Physical and Mental dynamics that we are comprised of.

We are ascended Masters of our future lives and now, we connect when we are open to this energy. The lineage of your souls are being revealed to you as you journey with your guides, higher selves and teachers. This is the voice of the sage, avatars that had been embedded deep within your star seed. This seed that we talk about is within your DNA and beginning of the crystal formation of your Mother Earth. The Iron crystal that formed this foundation of where you stand and live. Because of the higher frequency of this knowledge and wisdom that you are tapping into your body has to go through the same detachment that this planet is going through. When you were born, you knew that you are not from here because your soul knows the truth. You belong to a higher state of consciousness and the mind performs the illusion of separation from this Source of love and light.

If we can just love every moments that we are here, we can help elevate our species, illuminate our mind and reveal the illusion of our ego. We can walk with our higher selves and create a peaceful environment within our confines. This is the start of our physical clearing and cleansing from all that is not real. The illusion is living in duality and polarized world but as we go deeper into our healing and releasing all that is not ours. We will become awake and there will be no more fear but love in allowing this energy, we will see that our Mother Earth is dancing with us in the creation of a beautiful new enlightened Earth. As we travel this enlightened path, our Earth will cooperate in the same manner that we treat our selves with love and connection to all beings. We will live in a new era of light and energy, we will see beyond form and duality, this is the oneness that we feel within our deepest core and our souls evolve to its highest path.

The ascension is here we are opening to this calling, open your inner eyes to see the view from within. The purity of your thoughts, the selfless Universal service that you incorporate within your means, the love that surrounds you, the joy that radiates from your presence and the encompassing space of peace within each others hearts. Our time is here, wake up and smell the beauty that surrounds you, the nature that invites you and the calling of your souls to unite within the physical foundation that you occupy call Earth. This is the mother of your children, love and take care of her as you do it to your own self and others, it will create the same consiousness that you carry within. For you are the reflection of this planet, the planet reflects what you give and who you are within. The energetic field that you occupy is the same energetic field that this planet occupies. We are being called to a higher vibration of love, create this in your being and this intention will create and manifest the love that you embody. Be happy, live, love and laugh!



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