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Becoming Conscious of What Is


We are in the energetic soup of entanglements. We can get consumed or attached to other people’s needs or stories losing our balance. Today reflect on things and people around you. What do you really need from this person? Or what are your expectations from this person? Sometimes due to our emotional needs we forget to see the purest intention of our agenda. It can be coming from selfish motivation or just purely innocent of the issues that are involve. Relationships can be misleading or creative if we are clear from the get go of what our intention is, we can develop our fullest potential for the highest good of all.

Freedom of expression from the heart is necessary to create a foundation of our relationships. Now that Venus is in retrograde, we can slow down and reflect on what kind of relationships we are creating? Questions can help you see clearly what are your hidden agendas? It helps you design and find the perfect formula for what you need or want. Ask yourself, am I fully expressing what I truly want? Am I hiding behind the situation, having fear that I will be rejected? What are my fears? How can I shift this into understanding myself or others? Are my values and worth being respected? Does this relationship helps me to grow? Are my emotions balance? Am I happy with this person around me? Am I drained? What drains me? Can I express this without hurting others? How can I approach this situation with love and light?

These questions can create a healthy relationship with yourself and others. It brings out the unconscious imprints of your ways in dealing with relationships. We are complicated humans and when we are not aware of who we truly are, we get mixed with emotions of others and get lost in this emotional soup. Let us find ways that are clear and have pure intention to create healthy boundaries and foundation.

Steps in creating healthy relationships:

  1. Know thyself. Do you truly know yourself? What are your patterns, shadows, strengths and weaknesses? These core perceptions can reveal to you how you are dealing with situations. We are complicated, let us make it simple by knowing the layers of our emotional and mental state.
  2. Boundaries, what do they mean for you? Clear understanding of what you want create strong boundaries. Be clear on what you want to create with your friendship. So you are not confused with your self or others.
  3. Respect is important for your self and others. Each one of us have differences, we have to acknowledge others perceptions can be different from us. Create a sacred space to honor each other’s history and background.
  4. Be happy, not right. Stop the judgement or criticisms. Be thoughtful of your thoughts. Take good care of the garden of your mind. Are they full of weeds? Or is it a fertile ground with healthy possibilities of future potential?
  5. Express yourself, by doing this you open the portal for clear communication. Let go of fear of rejection or resentment. Create a healthy foundation.
  6. Be present, aware and awake. Ground yourself to what is happening right now. Are you in reality? Are your thoughts stuck in the past or future?
  7. Be patient, we can cultivate a healthy relationship when we are kind and gentle. By not forcing things that are not ready to unfold. You are wise, everything has its season. Take your time to understand, listen and be a loving soul who wants the best for all sentient beings.
  8. Unconditional love for your self and others, what does that truly mean? It is a love beyond form, without expectation in return for what you give or do. It is soul level of connection. No attachment to the outcome or result. Freedom for yourself and others. Be compassionate.
  9. Cultivate friendships by nurturing and continually caring for others. Like plants, we need to take care of others needs in consistency basis. It takes commitment, nurturing and love to grow. Let us grow our people.
  10. Be free to be your authentic Self. You are who you are with all your imperfections. Unless you can accept your self for who you are, others will not see you clearly. Do not hide behind masks pretending you are someone else. There is only one true you, shine your Light and know your shadows. Embrace your yin and yang. You are always loved.

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