You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Being Conscious of Our Karma Effect


In this lifetime, we are experiencing darkness and shadows of the past. Our ancestors, bloodlines, DNA, and our collective unconscious had passed this unto us. We are here to transcend the effects of karma. We can support each other, by being compassionate and kind to each other. We can not sustain this world that we live in with fear and pain. We are here to commune and coalesce the truth beyond our illusions. Love and light is our power, we are being supported by the Masters of Light in this transition of our collective consciousness. The evolution is within and when we reached the pinnacle of our enlightenment, we have arrive. Return to home, our soul’s purpose.

The blueprint is within us like the seeds in a lotus flower. It keeps the wisdom within until it is time to radiate the beauty. It radiate its beauty in the midst of a muddy foundation. Our light can only shine when we are integrated to our divinity. The power of our source of life is through this soulful energy. The spark that keeps us in light. Do not be consume with the external force of materialism. It is not our truth. Our true power is our divine Self.

What is Karma? These are patterns of energies, that linked us from past lives. The seeds of our present lifetime has an energetic imprint from these past lives in our book of life. We can see these patterns in our behavior that keep repeating in our lives. They are theme of behavior like addiction and abandonment. They are energetic imprints in our Akashic Records, that we need to see, to reveal to us the connection in our current lifetime from the past. In knowing our karma, we are able to ask for help to clear them in our present lifetime. Every thought, intention, words, emotions, and actions that we do create cause and effect. These are vibrations of our souls that were recorded in our Akashic Records.

We are living in challenging times, there are tremendous chaos that surround us. What do we do to assist in alleviating the pain of our human consciousness? We have to be conscious of our own weaknesses, karma, bondage, blockages, hooks, cords, and temptations. Without knowing our own shadows, we are unable to pinpoint what areas we need some light.

We have freewill and choices to choose light or darkness. If we do not wake up in this incarnation, we are going to continue living in the wheel of karma. Our patterns are not going to shift. We are perpetuating the same suffering in our collective unconscious. It is time to rise up, take the lead, have courage to move forward. Have faith and totally surrender to our calling. Heed the call and see the signs around us.

The doors are open, the veils are lifted for those who seek. Allow the spiritual Masters of Light to reside in our hearts. They have been calling our name. We are the gift to the universe. Our time is here to shine our light. Burn away all the shadows that impedes our ascension. When we are ready and done, we will begin a journey of rebirth like the phoenix who rises up from the burnt ashes. Transformation takes purification from all aspects of our being. Integrity is our arrow, where we focus our attention. Know that we are always guided, protected, and loved.

We can not move forward if we keep our attachment to the material world. Let go and surrender of our expectations to the outcome. Fear is crippling. We are stronger than this. Clear our mind of thoughts that does not serve us. Ill feelings about our neighbors are only going to create more toxic in our energy system. Be an observer of our consciousness. Is it calibrating with love and light? Or is it vibrating in envy, anger, jealousy, separation, and resentment? These are clear signs that we are in the midst of toxicity. Be aware, recognized the fear, and clear these in our energy system. With the help of healers and assistance with the Masters of Light we can clear all these toxic energies.


“Divine Source of love and light, we ask to clear, release, and heal our karmic effect to ourselves and all other sentient beings that we had caused harm consciously and unconsciously. We now ask for compassion, forgiveness, mercy, and kindness to rewire our patterns and create a new rebirth of our consciousness. With the goodness and purity of our intention to uphold the truth of love and light, we now ask to receive these blessings and gifts of empowerment, inner peace, love, bliss, abundance, joy, and success in all aspects of our lives. Thank you, thank you, and thank you, and so it is. Please seal this prayer with the sacred Merkabah.”

Blessings of miracles,



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