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Betraying Yourself



You wonder where you have gone wrong? You thought of the past, think of the times that were good yet they do not sum up to what you are feeling right now. The emotions of sadness and being alone rises up to the occasion during the pinnacle of your success. Why? You asked and no thoughts came up, but your heart is like a deep well, dry and you try hard to reach to the bottom of the well..and there is nothing, no water, no answer. You are alone, in the heights of your success.

Life is a journey of paradox. I believe we are given the duality of life to keep us grounded here on mother earth. To be humble, to reflect and go back to your retreat with God. The universe gives you what you needed to see and be grateful for. You are never alone. Your guides and loved ones from another dimension are always around you. My mother is my spiritual guide, she comes in times of challenges, she fills up my heart when I am broken. She knows me well more than anybody else. We are connected in eternal time.

People around me are suffering, loved ones, friends and strangers. How can I feel elated when I am in the midst of chaos and suffering? This gives me a bigger picture of the world we live in right now. We try to find inner peace in our home but other countries around us are suffering. How do you find solace? It is in communing with God that you get back to the core of your being. No one in this world can fill that divine space. Others find solace in meditation, hiding their chaos in stillness of the mind. But this will not suffice, there is something missing. Our soul longs to communicate with God, to directly say “why do I feel alone?”

Only then, our hearts will open to listen. To truly be here in the present of confusion. To be a voice of your true feelings, it might hurt others but if you keep this to yourself it is toxic. Be true to yourself, do not betray your own self. Do not allow distractions penetrate your stillness. Allowing poison depletes your spirit. Open your heart and ask, be vulnerable, be open. I have learn one thing for sure, do not have expectations. Do not expect that your loved ones will be there for you. Sometimes, your loved ones are the ones that hurt you. Because you are intimate, they break open your heart. This is the beauty of life, when we are raw. There are no hidden feelings, let go and know that like clouds in the clear sky. It will pass. God’s love is here with you no matter what. You are never alone. Never betrayed.

The sweet lesson of abandonment is about you adopting your self. Time to let go of things that does not work for you. Feel free. You are here to experience life in its fullest, ups and downs are part of this journey. But please be open to fully love and hurt, be true to your feelings that no one is there for you. Within you, feel your heart breaking, with this you find opening. Allow this fresh air of love, new leaf to turn, you are important in the scheme of things. Never alone. Always with God. Beloved you are loved!

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