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Started living the TAO teachings of Lao-tzu and it’s a marvellous way of strengthening my spiritual muscles, this is how I view my practices. The daily reflections that I focus or messages that I practice become like weights in my spiritual practices. Just like exercises for our physical body we also need to discipline the way we live our inner lives. We have to cultivate our spirit by nourishing our thoughts with positive energy and living beyond the physical form that we have. With the daily rituals I have examined how my mind works and become the observer of my self. The integration of ones self with the ego and spirit is very crucial in living a balance life in this body. If we are not aware of the voices in our head, we tend to identify with these thoughts and become a victim of this consciousness. The spirit is quite silent and the only way we can be in touched is to practice meditation. Through this practice we become aware of the power of the spirit and inner self.

Connecting with nature brings us back to who we are suppose to be, flowing with the river of life. When we are with nature we feel open and happy. Just like children we live in the moment appreciating what we have right before our eyes. Not thinking about the past and future lives. Looking through these filters, viewing my life as a child looks into the world connects me to my true self which is love.

Living with the senses that are in touch with the unseen is quite important in reminding ourselves that we are eternal and nothing beyond the form of our bodies. When we are aligning ourselves to this thought we are choosing to be eternal and not bounded by the form. The choices that we make in this different path will lead us to this awareness that we are here not for these materials stuff that we fill ourselves with but to live in this notion of life in its fullest being. The fullness of our existence is who and what we are in its truest expression of form which is love and light. The manifestation of this life is its gift that we share to each other and living in each moment as if it’s the last day of his life. There is no form in this field but a spirit in action creating life as a way to its home which is the spirit.

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