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Black Obsidian the warrior of truth

black ob

Black Obsidian came from out of cooled lava from the volcano, it has the element of fire, water and earth which can ground situations that are explosive. It brings you back to the core and truth, letting go of distractions and making you self aware and discipline. To let go of things that does not serve your highest good and others. It is also powerful stone for protection from negative energy.

This crystal is powerful for those who wants to seek truth and how to handle life with courage and inner strength. Life can be challenging at times when you are confronted with difficult situations that are shocking to you. You want to be able to be strong to face and handle it with true self reflections and inner peace. As you journey with your challenges, you can be explosive when it brings past memories of pain and trauma. It triggers your wounded heart and soul.

Focus, inner power, strength, discipline, protector of your true self. You become a warrior of the light, you want to seek the best possible actions to take when confronted with defeat and failure. It helps bring back the stability of your chaotic situation. Bringing you back to what is important and grounding your thoughts to mother earth. Discharging negative energy and lower frequency of your emotional and mental state. Releasing stress and anxiety over situations that you have no control of. This stone is asking you to find inner peace, that anything that arises from the dark is be observed and transmuted. This came up because it wants to be in the light. So knowing this wisdom brings you back to who you truly are, the most powerful Light and spark of the Source of all that is.

Channeled Message:

“Dearly beloved, you are a powerful warrior of Light. You are strong, powerful spark of the divine energy. Nothing can disturb you, you are a part of this infinite and limitless possibilities in the universe. I am bringing you back to remember your true home. You are the magnificent bright light that is within you. When you are suffering, it brings back old imprints of you past life. We welcome these past memories to rise up, to release trauma in the Akashic Records. This is the gift of understanding pain, it opens up doors of opportunity to let go and be free of this vibrations. It helps you clear the pathway for the new seeds of generations to come. You are bringing the truth behind lies. You are helping in the rebirth of the new template of freedom and liberation for all sentient beings. It brings discernment in all transactions, allowing integrity of truth. Dear ones, you are dawning the new Sun of humanity. In this timeline, you will seek the truth and brings back the unified consciousness of humanity. You have always been ONE. Find peace and receive freedom from chaos by recognizing your own true power during the dark nights of the soul. Om Shanti.”

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