You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Blueprint Curator


You are your blueprint curator. Every thoughts, words, emotions and actions that you do, they are collected imprints of your soul’s journey. As you tap into your Akashic Records you are able to discern what are the things that blocks you from moving forward in your journey. The transactions, agreements, contracts that you signed in for are all creating imprints of this karmic bond with others. The lessons that you are learning is to assist you in transcending your vibrational frequency. As unconscious human beings that we are, we are blinded by others intentions. We do not have the capacity to see through the patterns and purity of others actions. We create entanglements with others journeys. Some ties can be great for our ascension but others can lead us astray.

Boundary is respect for yourself. If you do not have self-respect you lose this boundary. You allow others actions influence your being. Remember everything that you allow create an imprint in your soul. As you traverse this journey, you will feel triggered by others actions. This is the catalyst to examine your conscience. What are your lessons? What are your contributions to this entanglements? Take responsibility for your own actions. Do not blame the other person. It is what it is, another unresolved issue that needs to clear and teach you a lesson. It is important to create boundary to assist you in your growth. Without boundary, you will feel lost. Confusion with your intention. Focus and master your destiny. You are here to serve the highest intention for your highest good and others. Feel, listen within and allow only harmonious things in your energy fields. You are a shining Light. You do not need confusion or scattered mind of others. Respect yourself.

Watch your vibration. What do you bring to others? Are you a positive Light? Or someone that likes to pollute the frequency of others? A vampire energy? Unconsciously we carry this hidden archetypal templates that we are not aware of. Archetypes in Jungian psychology, are inherited pattern of thought or symbolic imagery derived from past collective experience and present  in the individual unconscious. There are a lot of things that needs to align when you want to master your self. You attract the archetypes that will bring you into a higher frequency. For example: servant and goddess archetypes can be disharmonious with each other. The servant loves to serve her lover and the goddess loves to be served. If you want to find clarity and create oneness, you need to be aware that you are exhibiting these two archetypal templates. Then you will be able to understand how to allow the highest potential for your heart’s desires. Choose the one that serves you happiness and love. When the archetype is serving you suffering, it is time to let go. You can create a ritual to communicate to the archetype that no longer serves you. It has served its purpose.

The mastery of your soul is one that works and dives within the conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind. In order to distinguish the difference, you need to have stillness and an open mind. Asking questions in your Akashic Records help you navigate this process. First, know your patterns. Your past lives from all timelines, dimensions and other parallel realities and universes. This is a work of self-discovery with the Masters of Light. You can not see the bigger picture of your life by yourself. The Masters of Light will help you with their messages, signs and interferences. Awareness is an important factor in your soul’s growth. When you are stuck in the mundane, life seems stagnant. There is no fresh or new ideas and intuitions. You are attached to the illusions of the world. To live consciously is to be aware of your essence without expectations from others. You are focus, directed by divine order and totally surrendered to your service for the highest good of all beings. We are here to co-create this sacred walk. Together we can help others accelerate their vibrations. Uplift and support others in their divine lives.

Who are your companions in your walk of life. It is a beautiful life when we can co-create with others. Look around you, who are the people that you surround your life with? Are they loyal, loving and kind? Sometimes we get distracted by others shiny ideas but they are not coming from pure intentions. How can you discern their motivations? Be in your heart space, feel their actions. If it does not feel good, it is not coming from pure heart. Simple as that. You are not to be distracted by this force. Do not allow pollution or toxic energy in your fields. Be clear of what you want to allow. Simplify your life. In order to lead others, be clear yourself.

Being a blueprint curator takes mastery. Having that sense of dignity and integrity to be true to yourself and others. No hidden agendas. Open mind and open heart. No judgements. No attachments and expectations from others. This master is focus, totally align to the Source and serves with open and generous heart. When you have done the work, the universe unfolds your true path and divine destiny with the stars in the universe. You become the magnet of abundance and blessings into your life. You are in the Tao, the flow of life. You see the unseen. You are simple, humble and compassionate. These are the true colors of a Master. You can create this in your life when you become authentic and vulnerable to yourself and others. Be who you are. Do the work. Serve with compassion.


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