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Blueprints of our Souls


What are the blueprints of our souls? When we incarnate here on Earth, we have the blueprints of our souls in the realm of the Akasha. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning ether, sky or spiritual realm. Our souls records of evolution from the time it leaves the Source of love and light and incarnate to mother Earth. The moment we are conceived, we are encoded with our soul’s energetic  blueprints. Everything is energy and the Akashic Records of our souls download this energetic substance when we access our Records. We are healing while we are in this sacred space. We are like an electric cable plugged into the source of electricity. Our electromagnetic fields are being re- calibrated into the light beings that we are. In our cellular level, crystalline and holographic fields of energy we are shifting into becoming multi- dimensional beings.

Why do we want to access these informations in our Akashic Records? Because it will give us directions in our souls paths and clarity on what is our soul’s purpose in this incarnation. It is a long process but a wonderful journey when we have the keys or codes to shift and transform our ordinary human consciousness to being our divine essence or soul.

When we have the access to these Records, we connect to our highest good and potential in this lifetime. Our energy centers are align and we live in multi- dimensions. These sacred Records can only be accessed when one’s heart is ready to heal and forgive. This is the link to our divine essence. We are here to remember where we came from, our “return to home”. I heard these words before I enter the studies of the Akashic Records. The angels are here to waken up humanity. Those that are remembering are now awakening to the truth. We are angelic beings and when we activate these angelic codes into our DNA we learn how to fly again. We become fearless and empowered. We know the reasons why we are here and what is our soul’s intention to manifest in these times of awakening. We become one with all that is.

The process depends on how a person chooses to let go of their ego. Detachment is a part of this process. When one looses their attachment to the materialistic world, they become aware of their consciousness. Then, the ego merges with the spirit and become one with the soul, embodying fully the code to live in their highest potential. There is limitless possibilities to what a person can do in this lifetime. The result of this evolution will bring inner peace, joy and bliss. There is no judgement, only love.

There are so many paths of attaining awakening and enlightenment. They all direct towards peace, harmony, grace, love and happiness. When we welcome all that is, we become one in our “I am ness”. The sufferings of humanity will be lifted when we shine our light into each others paths. There is love in our hearts when we open and allow healing to take place. Let go of resistance and know that all is well. Whatever emotions that triggers you will be your compass to inner peace and healing. Allow this space to let go of these cellular memories and create a new self in you.

Our existence will be shifting into becoming multi- dimensional beings. We live in parallel dimensions of our multi-dimensional selves. In this realm there is no time and space. Everything that we want to create is here right now. We are bringing in our future selves in this physical reality that we are grounded. Remembering our soul’s blueprint will give us guidance into living with no time. We will magnetize magnificent experiences that we want to create.

We are co creating these experiences with all the Ascended Masters, gatekeepers, light beings, spiritual guides and teams, Archangels and angels, family loved ones that are now in other dimensions, that surround us. They are our guides and teams interceding to the Lords of the Akashic Records to open the flood gates of our souls. They work on behalves of us, when we ask questions, they give us the messages that we can understand and relate to. They serve like a bridge for our ascension process. We will experience ascension in our physical bodies while we are alive. Our bodies will become conduits for energy to run through and help others to heal.

The messages will be given to us clearly. We will be receiving guidance and directions for our expansion. We are infinitesimal and we will know what is the truth. We will have discernment of truth. This will help us see the blind spots or shadows that the ego is hiding from humanity. The healing is through the heart, when we open the portals of our hearts we allow our walls to go down. These walls prevent us from shining our true light.

We ask Archangel Michael and the blue flame to heal around our throat chakra. This is where our choices resides and for us to speak our truth. We are aligning our mind and heart to create and manifest our Higher Selves. It is this bridge that will connect our ego to and soul.

We are light workers to bring our true light and shine. When we shine we help others in their shadows. We bring light into the darkness. It radiates love and grace. We become peacemakers and help others find inner peace. This is our soul’s intention when we incarnate. We just forget where we came from. This is the awakening times and accessing our Akashic Records will help us illuminate these shadows that are blocking us from being our Higher Selves.

Ask the Lords of the Akashic Records to open and guide you in our soul’s path. We will receive downloads of information that sometimes doesn’t make sense. There is no judgements and release your fear. Resistance is a sign of blockage. Reaction can trigger these emotions that are blocked energetically in our DNA. Surrender and allow the healing to take place into our being. We will find that your life is so much easier. There is a flow of abundance and grace. There is peace, love and bliss. The more we access your Akashic Records the more evolve we become. This healing is unfathomable and our blueprints will manifest and create a beautiful life of our true essence.

Blessings of love and light,





  1. Joe Duchak 6 years ago

    These beautiful words helped me to heal and access the records while I read them.

    Be in love and peace

    Thank You,

    • Author
      Teza Zialcita 6 years ago

      Thank you for your inspiring words Joe and I’m happy that it activated your soul to access your Records!

      Blessings of love and light!

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