You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.


Universal Conscious Self


Universal Conscious Self reestablishes your connection to your Source and divine self. The intention is to help you move beyond your egoic mind and pay attention to your own divinity by living through your heart and reconnecting to your divine essence. You are a multi-dimensional being of light and love in an expansive and infinitesimal universe.

Techniques are given to experience more joy, peace, and love, including breaking free from karmic bonds and heal from inner childhood trauma; healing and letting go of anger and fear; transcending negativity and victim consciousness; and remembering your oneness to others and Source.

More importantly, author Teza Zialcita discusses the importance of cultivating your relationship to Source and your oneness to others through inner awareness and unconditional love. By doing so, you are able to achieve a different way of being and thus live through your expansive self through the heart and allow for universal guidance to flow and enrich your life. You are able to achieve happiness and peace within that is deeply rooted to Source, while remembering the importance of the role you have chosen to play in this universe and how you can impact it by focusing on your inner beauty and self.


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