You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Breathe, Forgive and Co-create a New Reality



We are multi-dimensional beings of light and love. When we are going through some changes, we have to know that we have the space to breathe and remember why we are here. Our breath anchors us to our body. Our thoughts are busy creating thoughts from the past imprints in our sub-conscious and unconscious mind. Our hearts are busy feeling our emotions. We then get caught in the busyness of their functions. We forget to breathe and know that this is our home. We breathe and anchor our thoughts and emotions into this space of stillness. This creates the gap between chaos and feelings.

Forgiveness is the path to feeling lighter about our buried emotions from the past. When we forgive, we let go of the toxic heaviness in our heart Chakra. This is the way to release the stress that was created unconsciously when we hold onto feelings that are toxic. You can say this forgiveness prayer, “I forgive those people that had hurt me and I forgive myself for hurting others consciously and unconsciously in all timelines, dimensions, space, and realities and so it is.” Envision these people that you had hurt and those that had hurt you. Stay and feel this in your heart.

You can co-create a new reality for yourself when you align to the universal energies. By opening and clearing your Chakra energy systems you are able to align and receive these amazing energies from the universe. You have assistance from the Ascended Masters and angels. You are never alone in this soul’s journey. They are here to help you transcend the victim consciousness and become empowered by the love and light that is bestowed upon us. All the things that matter to you are honoured and blessed. You are the co-creator of the Source of all that is. You are gifted in many ways by believing that and having a strong faith, you will be able to thread the waters on this vast ocean of love. Breathe, forgive, and co-create a new life with the Source of all that is.

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