You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Bringing the Playfulness of Life


Receiving the Light

We are conduits for these blessings of sound, light, vibrations and color that we receive from our Crown Chakra. To remember that we are channels of these gifts as spiritual beings of light experiencing our incarnation as human beings. To remind ourselves that we are bigger than this physical dimension. We are multi-dimensional beings and we can tapped into this universal energy when we are awake to our magnificent selves. We come to an awakened consciousness where all of our parts are held in complete harmonized synchronicity and unity. We are awakening as a collective consciousness in one unified song of the universe.


Life reminds us that is can be easy and simple. Our attitude in life can make a difference on how we view our lives. Our perceptions need to align into our positive vibration, joy and love radiating and manifesting the way it reflects our image and thoughts. Like children of the sun, we will remember our uniqueness and pure awareness will bring us into this knowing that we are here to experience happiness. Seeing our selves through the eyes of our soul, we stretched beyond time and space. How beautiful and precious we are to experience being incarnated here in Mother Earth. Take the time to soak in this field of bliss with grateful hearts we envelop happiness of our souls.


Exploring the inner realms of our being and soaring with our consciousness to see our perspective of what this life means to us. We are on this journey to view from our soul’s perspective. The great awakening is finding that we need to align ourselves in being a child again. Seeing life as pure play and fun to turn this into our paradise. We feel that this time of our lives is to expand our horizons and play with the light that we have available for us. We are vast consciousness tapping into the universal and cosmic energy around us.

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