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Bursting your bubble

You meet this new guy and felt butterfly in your stomach, excitement and pheromones are all over the map. You felt this gnawing desires cultivating, rising up like heat in the sun. You are mesmerized. The kiss, tender touch and caress…It feels familiar yet captivating, the taste of his lips in your mouth, the erotica. Woah! Where did I just go? This is what happened when you meet someone new and you felt the world caving in to your desires. You found the one. Wait a minute there, how did that happened so fast? Do you even know this person? Why all of a sudden you are filled with these emotions. Is this love or lust?

Part of us want to believe that this person is the one who will fulfill us. We feel complete, this fantasy keep us in a high almost like an addiction. We crave for their attention. We are consumed with erotica. We are plugged in the strong waves of desires. We are hooked.

As wiser as we think we are, we can get caught with the tides of this eroticism. We lose our mind, right thinking and we lose our selves. This is the mystery of eros, when you are caught in this dynamic and unaware of your unconscious pattern. You are caught in the “arrow’s wound” of cupid. It hits your heart. You can experience powerful emotions of craving and lusting for human touch and desires. It is like an arrow’s wound because cupid had attracted this person and created a wound deep within the arrow’s poison that will bring awakening and healing of your heart.

The fantasy that we create can come from the archetype of a damsel in distress who wants to be rescued. When you have a history of abandonment or if you grow up with an alcoholic father, there is this void that you want someone to fill in. You are unconscious of this entanglement and pattern. Your soul is longing for this adoration and beneath the surface of all is the longing for divine love.

We keep repeating the same pattern of longing and desires to be wanted and loved. After knowing the person, you wake up and burst your bubble of fantasy. It is difficult to conceive why we need to go through this over and over again. Why can’t we attract the love that we long for? We are in a cycle of longing when we have not activated the sacred heart.

This sacred space is the tantric energy that lies in our kundalini. The fire within that ignites our divine connection, that eternal fire that is in alignment with our existence. This is the divine consciousness that we are here to experience with our Higher Self. The twin flame of our sacred heart.

When we reach a state of embodiment of ecstasy with the divine. We are able to find clarity of our self-worth. We learned that we are embodiment of divine love. There is no void within and that we deserve this embodiment of love. Consciously creating a relationship that is based in the intention of love, higher vibrations of consciousness, openness, trust and integrity.

The universe is continually giving us a chance to choose our relationships. When we attain this clarity and recognition of our divinity, we become conscious of our attractions and creations. This is a space of diving knowing that love is not something that we crave it is already within us. It is our birth right, given when we exist. When we are born, we are coming from the eternal divine love of all that is. We are all recipient of true love. There is no separation of this divine love. We are always co-creating this with our situations when we are awake and aware of our true essence which is love.

Our bubble is the separation that we created in the illusion that we are fragmented. Unconsciously unknown to us that the climatic and orgasmic tantric love is within our kundalini. This fire is in alignment with the cosmos. The universal energy that we are in is the synchronized movement of this divinity.

The dance of the love that we have is apparent to the eyes of the one that sees the Source or God within. Everything is energy, when we are in this presence of divine love we attract this in our relationships. We see this with everything. We are one in all creations. We then dance with what we create, without a void but flowing with the energetic current of our divine life. This is oneness with the divine existence of our souls. We are complete, perfect and whole in all scheme of things. We are never broken. This love that we crave is right here within you. Feel this divine love in your sacred heart and know that you are loved no matter what.

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