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Butterflies are my angels!

Tanzanian diadem (19)

Butterflies are beautiful creatures that remind me of my loved ones who had passed away from this physical realm which we call the third dimension. They symbolized their own transformations like the caterpillars, who go through these metamorphic transformations to reach this heightened beauty of a butterfly, it is a miracle itself to witness this change. Our loved ones are like these butterflies when they take their last breathe of life and give  it freely to the Creator, the Source of thy Divine breathe of life.

My past experiences with the other realms that I tapped into, confirms to me that this lifetime will be full of zest and passion for love. It is like having a Divine’s appointment, being deeply embedded within this majestic heart warming bright light that envelops me and my fleeting soul soaring like a seagull flying across the blue ocean of life. I love this feeling of unconditional love and listening to God’s calling for my name, but then I stop and realized how I love my lifetime here with my beloved family and friends that I’m not ready yet to leave them. I actually made a deal and say that I just wanted to have more times spend with love and pave the way for them in their journeys to light. I know it’s quite difficult for others to understand how in the world I get to be this way. I truly believe that we are all going to see our life reviews when your time is up and you will be the one to answer for all the things that you had said and done. You are accountable and responsible for all the things that you created.

As a guide for those who are going through these last stages of their life, the first thing to acknowledge is that we are all going through this pathway weather we like it or not. When we are born, we are closer to our death. The hardest thing for people to do is to let go, the attachment and  fear of the unknown. Once the person has accepted and allowed that this is the flow where he or she is heading then one has put a space in the midst of suffering and fear that everything will be taken care of when they crossed over. They somehow feel relieved that the responsibilities that they are carrying when they are alive will be lightened so to speak and all the rest of the members of the family will be taken care of when they are gone. Usually, a father or mother archetype will be doing this and helping them realized that their existence is not about their roles that they choose to play, they will be relieved of such a burden or chip on their shoulders. They are now free from emotional and mental heaviness that they are carrying. Then, they begin to really see death as a gateway to another space and eternal time.

When you crossed over there is no time and space, you are atune to all that is. We are ascending in this sense that our souls are remembering where we came from and that we are all from this Source or Creator of our lives. We are co creators and when we align to this Divines code as I call it, the clarity and wisdom that you gather are all encompassing of this Divine teachings or Universal laws that we tapped into. The Universal Laws of life is about love and forgiveness, we flow with the Divine Source of love and when we align ourselves in this energetic guidance and teachings from whom we are called to follow, our mastery in life is reached and we have ascended in our Christed selves or higher selves as others will feel to call it. We are all one in this Universal energy, we come from one Source and we will all go back to that Source of Love and Light.

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