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Calling to go deep within


ascensionThis upcoming Lunar eclipse, full moon and 5 retrograde planets energy is calling all of us to go deeper and within. We are bombarded with harsh energies and vibrations in the air, our unconscious thoughts, stormy emotions and agitations from others. How do you keep your balance? Challenges are here to direct us to go the opposite way of the way we think, act or react to things.

Meditation is a must, if you have not done it try walking in nature. This helps you anchor your Higher Self into your physical body and balance your electro-magnetic fields. Mother earth is the greatest healer, she will nurture you back to your true essence. Silence, retreat into yourself, journaling with your Akashic Records and playing with pets can help you recover from the toxic environment that we have. Eating lighter vegetables and fruits helps you detox and purify toxins from your body. Himalayan salt baths and aromatherapy oil helps in clearing blockages and attachments. Grounding is necessary to help you anchor these strong vibrations into your system. Consulting with spiritual healers will help tremendously with your soul’s path.

Meditate and place yourself inside a merkabah, your vehicle of Light for your ascension process. Envision yourself spinning counter clockwise, inside this is a force of energy to help release energies that are not serving your highest good. Ask the Masters of Light to assist you in this timeline of confusion, chaos and distractions. Then, when you feel that you have cleared your energies. Envision yourself spinning clockwise and ask your spiritual guides to infused spiritual gifts like forgiveness, unconditional love and abundance to fill in your energy systems. Anything that you want to ask, imagine that you are receiving these gifts!

Be grateful for all your blessings during these intense times. Powerful time to recharge, reinvent your self, reflect on your lessons, rewire your neuro-pathways to new templates of the new earth crystalline grids. The universe is asking us to purify our energy systems to be able to hold the high frequency vibrations that are upon us. The new earth is here, aligning all the stars for our golden era. We are here to shine our radiant light through oneness and creating our unified consciousness in the collective. We are one, powerful majestic beings of Light.

Om Shanti,


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