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Relationships with another person is a catalyst for knowing your truth, essence and spirit. When we are in a relationship, we bare our souls. We find things that the other person triggers in us, what is hidden within us that we are not aware of. When this happens we are tapping into our subconscious mind. We are about vibrations, waves of particles vibrating in a scale of low or high frequency magnetizing to us the same frequency that we are sending. When we talk about energy our partners in life have the same wavelength of what we are sending so to speak. Our inner filters attracts and create who and what we have in our physical reality. When other person is acting in a manner or situation that we deem negative. It is actually a sign for us to stop and reflect on what this person is bringing into our attention.

Relationships are Sacred Contracts and we are here to teach each others spiritual lessons. They came to us to find our truth and to wake us up from our deep sleep or from our unconscious state. When we look at relationships this way we learn to easily let go of blame and we can find a space of forgiveness. Pain dissipates as we learn to let go of our attachments and expectations to what did not happen or our attention shifts to the lessons that we learn for the better.

When one is still in the victim consciousness and would not change or move forward then the other party who is align to love becomes self empowered to move on and create a higher vibration of love and light. We need to know the dynamics of energy in relationships to become empower. The different roles or Archetypal energies that we play. Ask questions that will reveal to you where in your childhood this person reminds you of and what kind of feelings are evoke? Is there any emotional trauma that needs healing or to be reconcile with your own self? What are the current theme or patterns that are being created? Where there is ego there is shadow, hidden behind the conflict or chaos. Because love has no shadow but only speaks of the truth.

When we become self aware that the other person, may it  be a family member or lover is here to bring us closer to our truth and heal our wounds, we become enlightened. There is always a choice and the freedom of our spirit to chose which path we are going to take. As we heal, we remember that we are impermanent transient beings and uncertain of all relationships. We have to power to choose what we want to experience. Most of the time when we are in a relationship that is not healthy for us, we become blind or in denial and we don’t seem to know the answer how to get out of the painful situation. We need the support of others who are there for us and can see beyond the drama. Surrender to the situation and learn the lesson, let go of old ways of thinking and shift to a more graceful flow of experiences. Choose love and compassionate way to treat others just like yourself. The truth is that we are all suffering in the same way, we are in the collective consciousness of our present human conditioning. As we are shifting into this enlightened era of our evolution, we become lighter to our selves and others. We don’t create drama and we let go of who is right or wrong. We want to live to be happy and conscious human beings.

This is the gift to see in every relationships that we have, that we are here to experience love and not fear. When we are awake and aware of our essence, we start to notice that our relationships are more evolve full of love and happiness. We become more involve with their well being and not for what we can get from them. We empower others in their souls paths, serving and sharing what we receive from this abundance world. We are one in the grand scheme of things. We have to create an intention to live consciously and to shift our patterns of thinking. “I am conscious, loving, joyful, and peaceful being experiencing all that is good. I am one with the flow of the Universal mind, energetically aligned to my highest potential and recalibrating my DNA to my multi dimensional soul blueprint of my existence. Today I bring forth a new manifestation of my creative self. Opening my heart and reconnecting to the Source of love and light. Bringing healing in my consciousness and creating a loving present moment with passion, inspiration and self empowerment.

The healing of relationships take place in the blueprints of our souls as we evolve in this conscious world, we become a co creator of our Universal mind. Our collective consciousness becomes one in all and everything is one in the now. The movements of our planets, galaxies and multi universes inter relates within  our electromagnetic fields. We experience blissful soul journeys creating a peaceful world. Our fears dissipate and we begin to love unconditionally. Our history becomes imprinted in the Akashic fields and create a new path of healing for humanity. There is no other, we are one, one within and one with all that is. Our fractal selves become one living conscious Universal self. We are souls in many multi universes of these parallel lives that we live simultaneously evolving and transcending. There is no time and space in eternal time. We can travel, be there and be here at the same moment of time and space. This is the new perceptions of the conscious mind radiating light beyond shadows and penetrating all that is. The beauty of every passing moment is the knowing that all is one and knowing that we are here to experience this beauty of love.

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