You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.



We are here to celebrate our lives, dance and have joy in your hearts. Our connection to our true light and love is the only emotion that we need to express. When we are lost, come back to your breathe and it’s quite important to remember this because we have already bombarded our own lives with illusions.

First, through our own breathe come back and take a deep breathe…this is the gift of life. We are not here physically without this gift of life so when we feel and think that we had enough of our own created illusions, come back breathe deeply from the stomach and like the waves of the ocean feel the ebb and flow of your own emotions and this is the basis for sanity.

Celebrate your existence and enjoy every moment, there is no time to lose and why suffer when in God’s glory you were created to rejoice and be delighted with these creations to love, live and play. There are a lot of fears regarding 2012 when in truth, who knows when is your last day here on earth? You can die in your sleep tonight so why create all these fears regarding 2012? It doesn’t make sense to me because I live in the moment. The only time is here right now, create love and truly listen to the person besides you, whoever you have in your presence is a gift.

Never say never because when you surrender your life to the truth you will find freedom in this space of compassionate love and wisdom. This will take you farther and bigger than you think you are. The only time that you have is what makes it a unique and wonderful life that you live in this new way of living multi-dimensionally. This is quite a new idea to most of you but once you become aware and awakened, you will be more in tune with this realm that I’m writing about.

This is where I am right now, I’m here but not here, it is what it is. I live my life without judgements, uncertainty, impermanence and completely surrendering to the Divine will. The space that I occupy in this body and name that is given is here and unknowingly suspended to the freedom of my spirit to soar like an eagle and hum like a hummingbird. Flying free with delight and sweetness of this new found concept of soul and true self within the boundless time and space of love and infinity.

This is love and life in one motion of manifestation, just like a child when she feels the beat of the music dances like no one else is watching, we are connected. Your INNER CHILD is the path to this freedom, you become one with your child and see things in these eyes, the same eyes that God would see you! Life is truly funny when in the end after all those searching and looking for who God is, you find out at the end that the answer lies right within you. Inside your heart lies the wisdom and your eyes are the windows of your soul and also the path to your soul! So whatever you do, do it with passion and love, create while the music in you is still playing!

Like a new born child with new eye sights let’s begin to see our world with these eyes full of innocence and purity. No judgements and masks that we often put upon our mundane lives. Let’s rejoice and be happy for our friends and enemies that finally we had put our guards down and realized that we are all the same united in our differences and unique in our own ways, we become one. This is the lesson of our lifetimes, to let go of our false selves and find within us the light, fire and passion to be us, no agenda, no war and no sufferings.

Can you imagine a world without war? the silence, love and  peace that will fill us and lift our spirit to the highest majestic sound of truth. Where are we going with the rate we are in tune of? Not sure about you but I will make it a point that my little world will not be of this stuff that we are facing now. How do you do that when you are in this world? Simple, live within your little world as if it is the big world. What does that mean? Wherever you are, the only thing you can contribute is what you do in your own little ways. You can not save the world, the world is already in a motion of destruction right now if we don’t stop contributing to this factor of FEAR. So to create a ripple effect, start with your own self then your actions will help save others. Start being happy, don’t harm others, ask yourself basic questions is it true? is it kind? is it necessary? then you will find that these simple questions lead you to your truth and then you find freedom from these illusions and ego.

When you find these answers they will be touching your heart, not answers coming from your ego, you will feel love and understanding. The peace that surpasses your understanding, this will help you to be align with your souls purpose. I ask myself today, why do I care to help others heal and find their soul’s path? Why make my life more complicated when I can easily just stay within my own little world of family and friends? Why reach out to others and teach them how I found my truth? Why do I really care? May be I should just keep it to myself and be happy. This is an easy way out but my true voice is telling me no, you have to share this gift. This gift is not given in vain, it is to be share and believe for everything has its season. This is the season to be happy in the midst of chaos, love your self and share your life!


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